Monday, 25 May 2015

DIY My little Pony Canvas With Mod Podge

I've wanted to make some DIY picture collage canvas for the kids bedroom for a while. My daughter has the My Little Pony magazine each month and it seems a shame to throw them all away, once they become ripped. I think a simple idea like this can revamp a bedroom when their phases of characters change. We all know that they can like one thing then like something else the week after. 

What you will need :

Canvas picture ( Hobbycraft do some in nice sizes) 
Cut up pictures 
Mod Podge 

I placed all the cut up pictures first on the canvas to figure out where they will go, then I covered the canvas with the mod podge sparkle glue.

I stuck all the pieces down firmly then covered all the pieces with the mod podge to dry and go hard and shiny. I love the sparkle glue as it's very fine rainbow glitter and it's so pretty when the light catches it. Then once dry I trimmed around the edges and added ribbon to hang. 

Check out Hobbycraft for all your craft essentials.

RRP - £7 

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