Thursday, 30 April 2015

Trendy Tot Thursday (#TT_Thursday)

Trendy Tot Thursday is back, where you can showcase your trendy tots's outfits. Pick an outfit from in the week, snap some pictures and post! 

This week isn't featuring any H&M items, please don't faint! I'm trying to have a tidy up of Lexie's wardrobe as its bursting and some things are now too small for her. Plus her being extra picky with clothes, I'm trying to get rid of some to sell to get some summer dresses.

This top is from Primark and I'm sure my sister got this about 2 Christmases ago for her and it's been in the back of the wardrobe. I'm not sure on prices as I'm not been in Primark for so long now. I try and avoid the Birmingham one at all costs as it always looks like a jumble sale.

The skirt is from Next and it's a bargain I got on eBay for £4.40. It's quite a thin denim and I love the heart buttons going down. 


  1. I find Primark can be quite hit and miss with the jumble sale look. We're quite lucky that our nearest is pretty tidy most of the time. Loving that denim skirt and the fact you got it on eBay - I've been buying quite a lot of clothes for my girls there recently (as well as trying to sell some!). Thanks for sharing x

  2. Ahh sweet, I love it when you find clothes you've forgotten about in the wardrobe! #TT_Thursday
    Sabrina xx

  3. Gorgeous outfit! I too hate Primark! I can't stand trying to fight my way through with a pram, then the huge queue in the sweltering heat of the Manchester store. #TT_Thursday

  4. I think every Primark looks like a jumble sale, if I ever need to go I go first thing in a morning as it's always tidier. Leah has the same skirt, its adorable and will be taken on holiday with us too. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday