Sunday, 12 April 2015

Pop In A Box April 2015 & Unboxing

Pop in a box is here and is mega early this month, as it only the 10th April. Woooohooo! I didn't get the flocked Winnie The Pooh which was the main prize this month, he did look rather cute though. 

It's If you haven't heard of Pop In A Box before it's a subscription service where you get sent a mystery pop a month. You can have up to six pops delivered. On the website you thumbs up the pops you really want, thumbs down the ones you would hate and the ones you aren't to fussed about leave neutral. So you are guaranteed a pop you are going to love with the surprise of not knowing which one. This month I thumbed up a few pops I knew the kids would enjoy to, as they also want to collect pops. Included every month is the chance to get sent a special or limited edition higher value pop. As long as you have the item thumbed up, you will have a chance. 

This month we got a Roller Harley which has gone straight in to Raiden's collection. As he collects Marvel & DC. 

Oogie boogie has gone with Sally, Jack & Santa Jack. We just need Major and Zero now. 

I didn't want to collect the main Walking dead Funko pops just the zombies as they are pretty cool. The well walker splits in half which is awesome. He goes nicely with my RV Walker. 

So another fantastic Pop In A Box 

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