Thursday, 30 April 2015

Nail Art Glitter Pens Review From Presents For Men.

If you read my blog you will know I have an obsession with Nail polish. I love the different colours and effects you can get now it's so pretty. I've always been very keen on nail art but I really just totally suck at it every time I have tried. 

I was very excited when Presents For Men who provide unusual gifts for men and women. Got in contact with me to test out some of there glitter nail pens. 

Presents for Men offer original, stylish and fun gifts for men and boys of all ages. In fact, their website offers a unique collection of over 2,000 gifts, gadgets & accessories for men and women, the home, garden & travel. There is something for everyone in every price bracket with hundreds of presents under £10. Whether you want a gift to say happy birthday, thank you, happy anniversary or to celebrate a Christening – they have it all covered for you.

The nail art kit comes with 10 double ended nail varnish, the colours are pretty and there is a good range of colours. I choose the glitter pens, as everything is always better with glitter, isn't it? 

Each pen come with a standard nail varnish brush and a special micro tip pen, to create and design patterns. The pens are easy to use and the nail polish dries pretty quick. You push the nib of this pen to get the nail polish to start flowing, which means you get a smooth blob to use. You must make sure your nails are completely dry before you use the pens, otherwise they'll catch on the polish and make a total mess of it!  I liked these in pen form it makes a nice change from a bottle and these pens would be easier to pop in a bag if you are going away. Without the worrying if the glass bottle would smash. 

I tried out a simple leopard print design, i'm not sure i will not give up my day job quite yet! 

Choose from Plain or Glitter.


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