Friday, 17 April 2015

My Little Lady Turns Four.

On Monday was Lexie's 4th birthday. It's came around so quick and I still can't believe she is already four. The whole pregnancy wasn't easy read about here and she seems to be growing at an alarming rate. It dawned on me how fast she is growing up and she isn't my baby anymore. It's actually really scary how days are turning in to months so fast. 

I've actually felt sadness this week. My littlest has tuned in to a big girl and it's realizing I won't be having anymore. The kids are just going to get older and older. I don't think I knew how fast time was going to go. She starts school in reception in September and it still all feels too soon. 

No one tells you about the true love you feel every time you look in there eyes, the protective nature you feel or watching them sleep. It's magical having a girl, painting nails, picking clothes and girly things and I'm so blessed to have had one of each. 

Lexie has been on the countdown for a few weeks and i was very excited to lay all her presents out and wake for her little face in the morning. Most of her presents was My Little Pony as she is obsessed with them and her birthday cak