Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Herbie Hound First Episode Review

We all love to sit down and watch TV together, nothing beats cuddling up on the sofa. We was asked to watch the new Herbie Hound episode. 

Brought to life by the animation skills of World renowned Superstar Pets, Herbie Hound series following the adventures of adorable Herbie – a French breed of pup with a British upbringing whose very special character ‘specialness’ comes out when things get exciting!

Superstar Pets, have previously worked on animations for BBC Children in Need, Simon Cowell and Michael Ball among others. They are the only company in the World who create movies using this animation technique, using the unique approach of animating photos to talk and sing, lending an extra layer of charm to Herbie Hound’s adventures.

The series is the brainchild of Vicky Brook, a mother whose life took a dramatic turn when she had to unexpectedly give up a six-figure executive salary and high powered job to care full time for her youngest daughter Florence.

Florence, now 16, has had complex medical and mental health needs since the age of just six weeks, while older sister Emily, 21, was diagnosed at 17 with Addisons Disease.

Over the years, Vicky has relied heavily on the help of Birmingham Children’s Hospital for support with FlorenceVicky is also very excited that the Dogs Trust are supporting the project, acknowledging the important therapeutic role that family dogs can have in times of distress, and in her search for ideas to give something back for all their hard work she hit upon the concept of an animated series starring their very own family dog Herbie.

“Dogs Trust is delighted to be teaming up with Herbie Hound. He has been an amazing companion and friend to Vicky and her children and demonstrates the bond between us and our dogs. The tale of Herbie will hopefully provide a happy distraction for hundreds of children whilst in hospital and bring a smile to their faces, just as it did ours.” 
– Hannah Baker, Dogs Trust

All ten episodes of the new series will be available to purchase on the Herbie Hound website, shortly followed by the story books, with a percentage of the proceeds going to Dog’s Trust & Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

And with plans also underway for a merchandising range, these 10 Herbie Hound adventures are just the beginning!

We loved the first episode and the animation of Herbie, it's quite cool and both of the kids enjoyed done silliness. He is a cool and lovable character.  

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