Sunday, 5 April 2015

Chalkboard DIY Wall With Rust-Oleum

The hallway has been a little neglected for ages. For a while it's been the bane of Lexie when she has found a crayon, biro or pencil. Some reason it's the only place where she has drawn on the walls and we haven't redecorated as we didn't want her to re- draw all over it. 

I've wanted a chalkboard wall for the kids for ages, due to them sharing a bedroom they don't really have the space for one to go in there. So when Rust-Oleum got in contact and asked me to review their chalkboard paint, I thought I would be able to do two things at once. Revamp my hallway and give the kids somewhere to let off steam and draw. 

The paint itself was easy to apply, it was super quick to dry and it only needed two coats for a lovely finish. I painted quite a big space and used rainbow border strips to finish the chalkboard wall off. 

Rust-Oleum have a huge range of paints and here are so tips for making your space in the home more inviting or even if you just want a quick revamp. 

Whiteboards are becoming a popular design statement in the home, from small and functional notice boards to those that cover vast wall spaces, appearing in children’s bedrooms, kitchens and home offices. Not only are whiteboards useful for list making and reminders, the paint finish itself is decorative and is equally fabulous on pieces of furniture for a unique look that is practical too.

Rust-Oleum Dry Wipe paint is a versatile product for creating your own whiteboard on a wide range of surfaces from tables and doors to walls. Application is easy and has minimal odour making it safe to use indoors. Once dry, simply use any dry erase markers to draw or write messages that wipe away with ease. 


1.    In the home office - create a work space that can accommodate your big ideas! Paint an entire wall and set to work on your plans.
2.    On a desk - do away with notepads and post-its and create a whiteboard desk top.
3.    On doors– add functionality to unexpected places and dead space like the inside of cupboards.
4.    In the playroom – you will never have to worry about kids scribbling on the walls and surfaces again after turning a bedroom or playroom into a canvas.

Also available is a magnetic primer that allows you to create a writeable/wipeable surface that attracts magnets. Perfect for offices, workshops and children’s bedrooms.

RRP - £14.67 

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