Thursday, 16 April 2015

Birthday Haul - Trendy Tot Thursday (#TT_Thursday)

Trendy Tot Thursday is back, where you can showcase your trendy tot's outfits. Pick an outfit from in the week, snap some pictures and post! 

Monday was Lexie's 4th Birthday and she got some goodies so I thought I would share. 

Lexie's nanny got her two practical items. This lovely frozen PJ set is from TU. it's in a bigger size so I'm hoping it fits her early next year. Love the print and the trousers.

This Frozen poncho is also from TU, great for getting out the bath and when we go to the seaside in the summer. 

My sister got her the My Little Pony twin pack dresses from H&M. You all know Lexie is obsessed with Ponies and these are great for the warmer weather. 

Also these animal print pumps ( H&M) which are great for nursery as the toe part is very robust. Lexie seems to wear the tops of her shoes out from outside play at nursery. 

Love these little white slip on shoes ( H&M) as these are white they will go with most outfits. 

 Another H&M item I'm afraid. I think i will always be a huge fan to be honest. The clothes are good quality, last and are pretty cheap. I picked up these twin pony tops which was £7.99. Perfect to go with leggings or a skirt.


  1. Think I better head to H&M for those MLP clothes, my 5 year old is a huge fan! Love the Frozen poncho too, very cute and useful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. OMGosh! You have the same fashion sense as me!! Rainbows...Frozen...Unicorns what more could a little girl want :) xxx Great selection #TT_Thursday

  3. What lovely items. I am in love with H&M at the moment too..they have some fantastic things! :-) #TT_Thursday x

    1. I can't beat the clothes ATM, totally couldn't spend a fortune in there.

  4. Happy belated birthday to Lexie! Some lovely items, those My Little Pony dresses are adorable! x TT_Thursday

  5. They are lovely items, happy belated birthday Lexie. Loving the Frozen items, the poncho is a great idea for the beach! Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  6. Aww! Hope she had a fab birthday?
    LOVE the Pony dresses and white shoes in particular!
    I'm a fan of H&M too, I buy most of my clothes there. I find most of the kids stuff is a bit too narrow for my two chunky monkeys, but I agree... They are good quality for a good price :D #TT_Thursday