Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Superdrug Own Brand Footcare - Get Ready For Summer.

Even though there is a few brands I love, I also like to try own brands. In the past I've found that sometimes they work better than some branded items. I do love to get my feet ready for summer, so Superdrug sent me some items to try out. 

I normally do use a foot scrub once a week, I like to keep on top of dry dead skin so it doesn't build up. The Superdrug Intensive Foot Scrub 
contains gentle exfoliates, jojoba seed oil and aloe vera to smooth and soften rough and dry skin. The scrub itself is very thick and it has small grains in. I actually now prefer the smaller grains in any exfoliates as they don't tend to stick on you when you are in the bath. I liked the scent, it's pretty mild not overpowering. I really liked the scrub and it did leave my feet feeling smooth and soft.

RRP -£3.49 

The Superdrug Intensive Foot Cream contains aloe vera to sooth and vitamin B5, renowned for its conditioning properties. The cream itself is also really thick, it does take a while to absorb and leaves a slight greasy film over. Once it's dry it does leave a love,y silky smooth feeling. There really isn't a scent at all either, which I found a bit strange as normally when I moisturise  I do like a bit of a lingering scent too. 

RRP- £3.49 

Superdrug also are proud to say that no animals are tested in their own brand range. So great products without animal cruelty too.

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  1. superdrug do some great products at really cheap prices.