Sunday, 1 March 2015

Pop In A Box Sort Of Unboxing!

So excited this month, as it is Pop In A Box time yet again!  If you haven't heard of Pop In A Box  before it's basically a subscription service where you get sent a mystery pop a month. You can have up to six pops delivered. On the website you thumbs up the pops you really want, thumbs down the ones you would hate and the ones you aren't to fussed about leave neutral. So you are guaranteed a pop you are going to love with the surprise of not knowing which one.

I upped my sub again last month to three pops, as I added some of the kids likes. We are now being taken over by pops! I think the kids have around 30 between them. 

Every month you have a chance to be given a special/limited edition pop. A ride, oversized or pocket mini tins. As long as you have the item thumbed up, you will have a chance in winning it when Eddy works his magic! 

I  love Pop In A Box and considering my disappointment with quite a few subscription boxes in the past PIAB has never let me down. I know they have had the most terrible luck with Internet and suppliers lately. I have never met a company that have kept you in the loop and customer care is second to none. 

So back on to this months goodies!! We got the lovely Maleficent,  Frozen pocket pop tin and the lovely oversized Discord. Again totally thrilled to bits with our subscription ( well little Lexie is) as she has claimed 2/3. 

My unboxing video was a huge fail thou. haha 

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