Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Horror Block Subscription March

I've just realized I don't think I have shared and blogged about any of my Horror blocks, this is now my 3rd one and its the only box I've ever opened and not thought Meh! With a mystery box there will be the odd item that you don't like. Last month there was some zombie slime which my son enjoyed and a zombie virus plush which I sold on eBay and the person was very happy with the sale. So it's swings and roundabouts with some of the items, overall i have been very happy with every box so far.

You always get a T-shirt and the Rue Morgue magazine in the box which is always a great base. The shirts are superb quality, prints are great and they wash very well. This month there was two The Walking Dead items included. I did have a feeling the T-shirt would be one and again it's a great print very Daryl based. I suppose it he is one of the lovable main characters now isn't he. The rouge who turned good.  

The other item was the drawstring backpack, again with Daryl on. I was a tad disappointed that both Walking dead items was so Daryl based. I was hoping something more with zombies on or a mystery mini funko. It's something that I will probably use for days out with the kids to hold drinks etc.

The Lee Howard canvas print of Pinhead is really cool which is my favorite item from the box. This guy is awesome at drawing Horror icons and i think if i had to pick Pinhead would of been my first choice, the detail is amazing.

There is also a clown key cover which is a great novelty item, I think there was a creepy baby and a clown design from what I have saw on Instagram. 

The last item is a 3D mummy puzzle that you wind up that walks. Again my son will like building this so it isn't a bad box this month again.

I do think that this box is the best suited to me overall. I love the t-shirts in them and I think I'm going to be a long subscriber to horror block. 

There is a Ghostbusters item next month so I can't wait for that

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