Friday, 6 March 2015

Great Gismos 4M Glow Fossil Science Kit Review.

Raiden was so excited to be picked to test out the new Great Gismos Glow Fossil Science kit. He loves to make, paint and get messy doing activities. I know his topic this term has been looking at fossils and volcano's in class. So taking up the junior paleontologist role to learn the science of fossils and make some of his own, I thought would be real interesting. 

In the set includes :

  • 2 Packets of Plaster
  • 1 Fossil Moulding Tray
  • Paint Strip
  • Paint Brush
  • Glow Paint
  • Plaster Block with Shark Teeth
  • Digging Tool
  • Leather String
  • Glow Dinosaur Skull Set
  • Display Stand Set
  • Self-Adhesive Magnets
  • Detailed Instruments

    In the set there is a mould which you can make your own fossil replica's. You mix the plaster of  Paris up, let it set in the molds overnight them paint the next day. You can turn them glow in the dark with the paint and make them in to fridge magnets.

    The next activity is to construct a super cool glow in the dark T-Rex skull. Raiden loved making this and now sits proudly on his special shelf. 

    The last activity he really enjoyed the most, you have a chunk of plaster which has a glow in the dark shark tooth embedded and you have to dig it out with the tools. Which was lots of fun and hard work! You can make the shark tooth into a necklace with the string that is included.

The set was a huge hit and we have already looked at some of the other sets in the range as they have a huge range to chose from, 12 different sets for boys and girls to get creative. 

3D Glow in The Dark Solar System Mobile Making Kit, Pump Rocket Science, Static Science,  Magnet Science,  Spy Science – Fingerprint Kit, Levitation Science, Bubble Science,  Kitchen Science, Spy Science Intruder Alarm, Green Rocket,  Eco Science Toys. 

All the sets are aimed at boys and girls aged 8+ except the Kitchen Science Kit which is for 5+.

RRP- £13.95 

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