Monday, 2 February 2015

What's For Breakfast?

Personally I think everything is good in moderation. I do try and give my kids a healthy balanced breakfast as it is the most important meal in the day. I try and rotate and give a selection of things from waffles, toast, pancakes, fruit and toast. 
New Research reveals that families that families continue to start the day on a sugar high.

·       43% of children start each school day with a sugary cereal
·       One in five parents (20%) admit that their own breakfast consists of pastries, chocolate and even crisps
·       People are most confused about the nutritional benefits of carbohydrates (25%) than any other food group, followed closely by refined grains (18%), dairy (16%) and whole grains (12%) respectively

In response, Warburtons has teamed up with the British Heart Foundation to promote the benefits of eating well

26 January 2015: Research released today by Warburtons, Britain’s number one bakery brand, has revealed that as a nation we no longer consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day as one in five parents (20%) admit that their average weekday breakfast consists of pastries, chocolate and even crisps.

However, what’s more alarming is that 43% of parents state their child starts each school day with sugary breakfast options and a further 11% of children eat a cereal bar or breakfast biscuit in the morning - despite recent health warnings regarding over consumption of sugar.

In addition, the research also supports the notion that UK adults are missing out on a significant opportunity to start the day well too, given that one in five do choose foods for breakfast which are high in sugar and /or fat.

The findings, which come ahead of National Breakfast Week (25-31 January), aim to highlight the importance of overall family heart health – including starting the day with the right nutrition - as new donation packs of Warburtons wholemeal hit shelves nationwide. From 19th January until 20th February, for every loaf of Warburtons wholemeal sold, 5p, will be donated to the British Heart Foundation (BHF) as part of Warburtons pledge to raise £1million and help keep British families hearts healthy.

Carb confusion

Research indicates that people are eating poorly at breakfast and not choosing healthy and filling alternatives such as Wholemeal toast, because they’re confused about the options available, given that more people (25%) cited they’re confused about the nutritional benefits of carbohydrates than any other food group.

What about wholegrains

In addition to carbohydrates, there is also confusion and a lack of understanding around the nutritional benefits of refined grains (18%) and whole grains (12%) respectively. There are multiple benefits linked to the consumption of wholegrains - such as gastrointestinal health and supplying dietary nutrients as well as being associated with protection against, and reduction in risk of, various diseases including coronary heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers as recognised by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN).

Warburtons and BHF’s Wear It Beat It campaign

Over the next two years, Warburtons and the BHF will work together to raise awareness of the importance of healthy eating and share essential, and sensible, information on health and nutrition. Warburtons will also display the iconic BHF logo and share key nutritional information all Wholemeal bread packaging and through social media.

Look out for special packs of Warburtons 400g and 800g Wholemeal bread in store.

We are massive fans of  Cravendale it tastes fresh and keeps for ages. Check out what we had last week for national breakfast week last week. 

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