Friday, 20 February 2015

What Luxuries Would You Take To Dessert Island?

I've entered a lot of giveaways in the past and they have asked the question if you could pick one thing to take to a dessert island what would it be. Which got me thinking and inspired me for this post. At first I thought it would be super easy to pick a few things but it seems I have quite a few luxuries more than I first thought. Obviously the kids the other half would already be there, I just wanted to share some luxuries I currently would take. 

Number 1 - My iPad ( Obviously the dessert island would have wi-fi right? ) I do a lot on my iPad, emails, diary, photos, blog work, tweet, Instagram, enter competitions, watch movies & speak to friends. It's like my mini life saver and it's something that helps me though my day. 

Number 2 - Hand cream - I do have a slight obsession with hand cream and I have one in my bag always. I'm forever putting it on though out the day and I put it on in every season, even in summer it still in my bag. 

Number 3 -  Montagne Jeunesse - I've used the face masks since I was a teenager and they are something I use 2/3 times a week. I'm a massive fan of their peel off and mud masks. They recently sent me some lovely new things to try out. 

Red Earth Clay Spa 
Aloe Vera Face Spa
Dead Sea Mud Spa 

I also got to try the Foot Buffer, which I've never tried before. The foot buffer has a lovely refreshing peppermint smell, which gives you that tinging feeling when you first apply. The added ground pumice leaves your street feel soft and smooth. Whist giving your feet some pamper time you are also removing the flaky dead skin.

The tired leg gel was also amazing, about two weeks ago I actually went out clubbing for the first time in years. Which gave my legs the cramping tight feeling the day after from all the dancing ( I'm so out of practice). I used the gel and was really surprised, the scent smelt like a cherry mint. Which I actually really liked. The gel itself absorbs really quick and doesn't feel greasy at all. 

Number 4 - Ok this was supposed to be a top three but I had to squeeze this one in as I don't think I could possibly survive without chocolate. We would most likely have to do some Bear Grills style hunting for normal food but least I have chocolate right? 

What would be your luxury things you would take?