Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Love Pillowcases - Valentine's Gift Idea's

I'm a massive fan of quirky novelty gifts. Me and the other half don't normally go crazy on Valentine's Day. We have been together over ten years so we both know we don't have to go mad on gifts to show each other we love each other. 

Lovepillowcases sent us 1 of their 10 gorgeous designs to test and try out. The designs are pretty simple stick people designs with a burst of red colour in the shape of hearts. The pillowcases would make great Anniversary Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Valentine Gifts, Birthday Gifts or just to raise a smile.  The pillowcases aren't the first thing you would think for a valentine gift, but I do love to receive home items as they are used all the time instead of a box full of chocolates that you don't want. 

The designs are adorable and with 10 to choose from I think there is a design for everyone to raise a cheeky smile. We received the love whispers design, which was one of the more subtle designs. I liked the simpleness of them. A boy and a girl stick figure with a cup and string, the string makes a heart. The pillow cases come packed in a box with a see though window so you can see part of the design. 

The pillows are good quality and are quite large, I think you could actually get two pillows inside them. 

They also have a range of mugs with the same designs on which I think are fantastic too. 


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