Sunday, 4 January 2015

What I'm Going To Achieve In 2015

I'm not going to list a million things I want to do, I hate New Years resolutions as I break them within a few weeks. So I'm starting off with things I want to achieve instead. 

2014 started off ok, I had an operation back earlier in the year which I thought would set me back on straight without pain to carry on with my weight loss. I'm really disappointed in myself that I've gone back up two dress sizes. So I'm going to start back with my slimpod and the MuTu system, move more and eat less. The only person who can do this is myself. I'm hoping to test out some nice and healthier foods in my new slow cooker I got for Christmas too. 

I want to improve in my blog, I'm starting an English course to get me back to basics and hopefully start me getting more confident in myself and my blog. 

I was lucky to win some Merlin passes so I can't wait to start using them to make memories with the kids, lots of adventures this year. We also what to book a summer holiday so we have a week long break together as a family. 

I really want to take a step back and read, think I read around 12 books this year, which is a book a month. Would love to double that this year. 

With Lexie being at nursery I have 2.5 hours a day to do some exercise and competitions. I really want to use them hours to do something productive this year.

What do you want to achieve in 2015? 


  1. Sounds like you have a good plan! Good luck! And don't beat yourself up about putting on a little weight whilst you were recovering from your back operation - if you hadn't rested, you could have taken longer to recovery. Those 2.5 extra hours to yourself will be wonderful as that extra 'me time' will leave you smiling, confident and feeling positive about yourself so you will be able to take on any challenge! I bet you lose those 2 dress sizes before the Summer - go girl and Happy New 2015!

    1. Thanks very much for your comment just felt bad as its all creeped back on. Oh well onwards and upwards. happy New year xx