Friday, 30 January 2015

Trutex School Uniform Review

Got to admit so far I've been rather lucky with uniform. my sons I have always got from the supermarket and the badged school jumpers from school. They have lasted the year and the only things I tend to have to replace is shoes and polo shirts. 

Lexie started school nursery in September and I wanted to get her in the routine of uniform. She  has an obsession with skirts and dressing up dresses so with a uniform it wouldn't matter so much if it got paint on or grubby. In September I got all the uniform from the same place but decided to get her cardigans from there too as she didn't really need the badged ones. I'm actually horrified with the results after two months of wear. They are out of shape, very discoloured and the arms seems to have shrunk.  

Trutex got In touch with me and asked if I would like to review a skirt, polo shirt and cardigan. Initially I got the next size up and to be totally honest I shouldn't of, I should of stayed with her normal size. 

The junior stitch down pleat skirt in navy was our first item. The skirt Is a simple pleated design that's comes just above the knee.

 It has a waist adjuster inside so you can loosen and fasten it tighter. I had to put it on highest setting so it should last her a while. It just fits nice with her polo shirt tucked in. 

The school you can wear the white or light blue polo shirts, but I've found the white ones go discoloured so we went for the Polo shirt in sky blue. Compared to the supermarket brand the polo shirt is thicker and of a better quality I've seen so far. It doesn't seem to crease as easy as the other polo shirts I have. 

The Cardigan Sweat in royal blue is really thick and has a fleecy warm lining. Its a simple button front cardigan, with a ribbed bottom and cuffs. I do like the quality of the cardigan and even though it's big at the moment it still fits her well. 

The uniform has been worn and washed at least three times and at the moment seems good as new. No ink ran out in the wash, no colour loss or bobbling. I'm thinking now maybe it may be better to splash out on the cardigans and get a better quality so I'm not having to replacing them every few months.

 Check out here to find your nearest stockist of Trutex school uniform  

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