Thursday, 8 January 2015

Trendy Tots - #TT_Thursday - It's All A Bit Frozen

It's my first time linking up, this year one of my blogging goals is to link up more to other blogs so here goes. 

I buy Lexie so many pretty clothes but she seems she stuck wearing the same things over and over. If it isn't Frozen or My Little Pony it's not going on. 

H&M top - This as a pack of two for £9.99. 

H&M - Frozen leggings £5.99. I love the print on these, they have Anna, Elsa & Olaf. With. The words let it go on. 

Shoe Zone - Black patent boots £7.00 - I picked these up from the sale reduced from £12.00 


  1. I do love H and M for girls clothes! They are well priced to, love the Frozen leggings

  2. Lexie looks DELIGHTED! That outfit has clearly made her day - bless!

  3. Lovely outfit, I know what you mean about "if its not frozen its not going on" most days are a battle with Leah as she always wants to wear her frozen clothes... must buy more! Thank you for taking part in #TT_Thursday - hope to see you more :-)

  4. LOVE this outfit! I have got a Disney Princess of my own, too! She's more of a Sofia and Rapunzel fangirl though! #TT_Thursday