Tuesday, 6 January 2015

My Top Films In 2014

Honestly I've taken a seat back with films and watched quite a bit of TV shows last year, but I'm not had any films I've watched which I've thought Wow. There is normally a few films that catch my eye and I think that will be awesome and it new up being just that. My main film genre is horror, but If I'm in the mood I will watch something else. I haven't saw a horror film this year that really hasn't disappointed me. When did horror films just set out to make you jump out you're skin instead of a real gritty story line. I just feel they set out for the lets give you a heart attack instead approach,  This post I wanted to be a top 5 but I really couldn't find a 5th film. 


Magnificent is my first film and it wasn't want I expected at all. The story itself is heartwarming and it's just a great concept of true love which finally doesn't involve a prince. Hi five to Disney! 

Angelina Jolie plays the part of the evil queen so good. I loved every aspect of this film from make up, clothes & the setting. It just suited the film so well, you actually felt the heartache of Maleficent when she has the betrayal. Then you see the love grow inside of her for Aurora. It's a great twist to the Sleeping Beauty tale.


This film took me by surprise and had me totally hooked. I know in horror/thriller films mirrors are often used as a gateway but i was memorized with the story line. it's one of those films that really gets you thinking but also at the time thinking is that really happening. It isn't scary but the twists and turns of the film really had me on the edge of my seat. The supernatural force from the mirror itself is pretty dark but plays the key role. 


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is number 3 on my list. One of my earlier memories of TMNT was the slime sewer I begged my parents for one Christmas. It became my pride and joy, I'm always been a fan of the turtles, since then so I had to have a nosy of the movie too. The film has the new pumped up versions which looks like they have been on the protein shakes since the 80s. The comedy factor of the film is pretty good and again the turtles are on a rampage to help the human race until shredder needs to be stopped with his evil plans.  

The Purge 2 

The Purge itself was a pretty good story line and terrifying in itself. I couldn't imagine one day a year when anyone could just go wild and do anything they wanted. Purge 2 is a slight twist on that and I think is totally better than the first film. The first film concentrates on one family where the second film you are flung in to the real world of what could happen and you on the edge of your seats thinking anyone could be out there. This is far the best thriller I've seen in a long time. 

What have been your favorite films of 2014? 

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