Saturday, 10 January 2015

Look On My Lettebox.

               Hey guys I've gone a little spending spree in the sales and I got some                                            really nice  bits and bobs. 


Spirograph set - I'm going to save this for Raiden's birthday next month as he loves to draw. 

Sports Direct

I managed to get these red and purple canvas shoes for Lexie for £1.59 each. These will be great for the summer and nursery for her. And can't really complain for the price.

I picked up so plain pumps for Raiden for £4.79. Again great for the summer holidays.

Golddigga pumps for me for 1.99 & the other print pair for £1.60. These are great for just slipping on and off for the school runs.

Total spend £10.96 


Two Tubes of pink smarties 49p each. 

Little carton of roses 49p

Pink bath fizzes 99p

Ballet shoes soap 99p

Love and Wilde candles - £1.99 

Snuggles pack of two socks -£1.99

Candle - £1.99

Nail files - 99p

Studio London eye pallet sets £1.99 each ( was £12 each) 

Total spend £14.39 


Rubies princess dressing up dresses. These originally are supposed to be £14.99 each.

Rapunzel Costume - £4.50 - Merida costume £4.82 

Total spend £9.32

Tesco Direct 

I got a mini tree, five rolls of paper, two boxes of cards, two lots of tissue paper, bows, ribbon, a tree topper & five lots of tree beads for the grand total of £3.34 delivered. 


Boots for Lexie reduced from £12 to £7 in the sale.


Swapped these little fellows for another two  that didn't fit in to my collection.  


Selection of Heartsease farm juices 

Alice Megan

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