Saturday, 3 January 2015

Look In My Letterbox 2015

I think this has got to be the quietest week I have ever had. I've had a total of five parcels! 


Last year I literally only had two campaigns with BzzAgent but in December I was invited on two. 

Sensodyne toothpaste and tooth brush

Leerdammer light sliced cheese.


I had this lovely bundle turn up from a blog and it's worth around £120 so I'm mega chuffed with all the little bits in there and the scarf is amazing too.


When I first thought about Funko I wanted to just collect the horror ones as they are my favorites so I got these off someone in one of the Funko groups. I love how awesome they are. They are the mini funkos so around 3" high. I just have three more of the rarer ones to collect then I have the full set :-)  


Managed to swap this little fellow in a Funko group, he will go great in my collection.

Alice Megan

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