Thursday, 8 January 2015

Frozen Photo Shoot - When Lexie Got Turned In To Elsa.

I actually don't know anyone who hasn't been hounded with Frozen for over a year, it still seems to be madly popular one year on.  Last year I picked up a deal on Wowcher for a frozen themed photo shoot. It was only £10 the shoot was free and she got to dress up ( clothes supplied) and an image with two prints free. 

Initially I was only going to get the one print until we saw the pictures and we ended up getting ten more instead. The shoot itself was magical, the set was amazing and very inviting.  Lexie really enjoyed the session and dressing up as her favorite character Elsa. check out the photos below, i know i am biased but i think Lexie looks amazing and so grown up!


  1. Lexie looks amazing, photos are beautiful xx

  2. she looks gorgeous tina ! such a pretty girly ! ... looks like she had loads of fun too !