Saturday, 31 January 2015

Look In My Lettebox

Post has been crazy this week, and it looks like I'm totally addicted to Funko pops! Sorry that my posts have been filled with them lately. 


Sims 4 game.
Looking DVD & BluRay 


Galaxy reads 


Horror block 

Funko pops
Pony and Cheshire Cat from Pop In A Box 
Dancing Groot from My Grail Box 
Spike from Gremlins

Nintendo Amiibos these are for Raidens birthday next month 


Benefit sample 

Alice Megan

Friday, 30 January 2015

Trutex School Uniform Review

Got to admit so far I've been rather lucky with uniform. my sons I have always got from the supermarket and the badged school jumpers from school. They have lasted the year and the only things I tend to have to replace is shoes and polo shirts. 

Lexie started school nursery in September and I wanted to get her in the routine of uniform. She  has an obsession with skirts and dressing up dresses so with a uniform it wouldn't matter so much if it got paint on or grubby. In September I got all the uniform from the same place but decided to get her cardigans from there too as she didn't really need the badged ones. I'm actually horrified with the results after two months of wear. They are out of shape, very discoloured and the arms seems to have shrunk.  

Trutex got In touch with me and asked if I would like to review a skirt, polo shirt and cardigan. Initially I got the next size up and to be totally honest I shouldn't of, I should of stayed with her normal size. 

The junior stitch down pleat skirt in navy was our first item. The skirt Is a simple pleated design that's comes just above the knee.

 It has a waist adjuster inside so you can loosen and fasten it tighter. I had to put it on highest setting so it should last her a while. It just fits nice with her polo shirt tucked in. 

The school you can wear the white or light blue polo shirts, but I've found the white ones go discoloured so we went for the Polo shirt in sky blue. Compared to the supermarket brand the polo shirt is thicker and of a better quality I've seen so far. It doesn't seem to crease as easy as the other polo shirts I have. 

The Cardigan Sweat in royal blue is really thick and has a fleecy warm lining. Its a simple button front cardigan, with a ribbed bottom and cuffs. I do like the quality of the cardigan and even though it's big at the moment it still fits her well. 

The uniform has been worn and washed at least three times and at the moment seems good as new. No ink ran out in the wash, no colour loss or bobbling. I'm thinking now maybe it may be better to splash out on the cardigans and get a better quality so I'm not having to replacing them every few months.

 Check out here to find your nearest stockist of Trutex school uniform  

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Trendy Tot Thursday - (#TT_Thursday)

Trendy Tot Thursday is back, where you can showcase your trendy tots's outfits. Pick an outfit from in the week, snap some pictures and post! 

Lexie has a huge amount of pretty clothes that she won't put on. She likes skirts and character tops. Which she will wear over and over again. I'm dreading the older years if she is like this at 3. 

Outfit this week, she was rocking the leopard print.

The leopard print pumps from £3 from the H&M sale, I got them in a size up last year and they fit her now.

The tights was a pack of two again from H&M, they are pretty thin like a 60 Denier type. These was £2 in the sale also.

The dress was an eBay purchase from a Hong Kong shop on there. It cost £3.80 and I got the next size up ( 5-6) and it fits her well. 

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Valentine's Gift Ideas For Him From Toxic Fox

Got to admit I love usual and quirky gifts. Valentine's can be loaded with hearts and flowers which can be a tad overkill. Toxic Fox have the most great collection of gifts that you won't find on the high street. If you are after something quirky, sentimental or for a laugh. Toxic fox sent us a selection of gifts to share our thoughts.

The Ultimate Man Bowl

The novelty man bowl  for the guy who has a beast of an appetite. This huge ceramic man bowl is the perfect cheeky gift, for man sized portions that are needed to keep a man energized all day long. Next time he's in the dog house, he'll have a bowl to match!. The bowl Is approx  25cm x 25cm x 7cm in measurements and its double the size of my current bowls in the cupboard. 

It is dishwasher and microwave safe this ceramic man bowl is sure to guarantee you a fare share of pudding and man-sized portions! The man bowl comes gift boxed too. 


Date Nights Creative Ideas Sticks 

We don't have many date nights, but when we do we always do the same thing, which is normally a meal out child free. Toxic Fox sent us these creative idea sticks, which are great if you are stuck for something to do with your other half. Choose from 100 creative ideas for sweet and romantic ideas. 

Each stick has a cool date idea on each side so pick them at random to find your perfect date. The tub contains 50 sticks with 100 creative date night ideas. All the romance, none of the effort!


Check out these great novelty gifts that caught my eye! 

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

We Got Monsterfied And Met The Honey Monster.

So Honey monster puffs aka sugar puffs have had a whole new makeover from top to toe. Th brand new Honey Monster Puff’s recipe with 20% more yummy honey than before. They have swapped sugar for natural sweetness of honey.

I'm gonna hold my hands up now and admit sugar puffs is a brand I know but it something I would of never bought for my children. I remember watching a food show a few years back and cereals was mentioned and sugar puffs was in the top three worse ones for sugar. 

When I was asked to go and check out the new honey monster puffs, I was surprised they have changed the cereal to make it better and healthier. The new packs feature a delicious new recipe with 20% more yummy honey than before. At the same time, they have reduced the overall sugar level and have added clearer nutrition information front-of-pack, so you know exactly what’s in there and what’s not. 

Once home and I compared to cereals in the cupboard I was pretty surprised honey monster puffs was around the same in nutritional value. The taste itself is the normal classic taste that it always has been.

Honey monster the star of a brand new TV commercial AND on the road for a MONSTER adventure.

The new adventure begins in Birmingham’s Bullring Shopping Centre on 24th January 2015 from where I’ll be appearing in major shopping complexes in the Midlands throughout February. On 1st March 2015 my grand tour finishes in style at Star City in Birmingham, the ultimate venue for MONSTERFIED family fun! Check out the timetable below for your chance to meet the Honey Monster.

Come and meet him, we did! 

Lined  up an exclusive photo shoot where we will have #funmonsterfied snapping will samples of the new honey monster puffs too. Bring your family, meet-up with your friends!

When fun unites people, that’s fun monsterfied. Happily brought together, by the honey inside.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Pop In A Box January 2015 & Unboxing

See my previous posts on Pop In A Box Here & Here 

Just before Christmas I upped my sub up to two pops. If you haven't heard of Pop In A Box before it's basically a subscription service where you get sent a mystery pop a month. You can have up to six pops delivered. On the website you thumbs up the pops you really want, thumbs down the ones you would hate and the ones you aren't to fussed about leave neutral. So you are guaranteed a pop you are going to love with the surprise of not knowing which one.

 This month I thumbed up a few pops I knew the kids would enjoy to, as they also want to collect pops. Included every month is the chance to get sent a special or limited edition higher value pop. As long as you have the item thumbed up, you will have a chance. 

This month I was so delighted with what we received in the post, two pretty awesome pops! A metallic Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony & a disappearing Cheshire Cat. You all know why an avid My Little Pony fan Lexie is so she was over the moon with her new pop, which now brings her total up to seven pops. 

I didn't think I would get two special pops with this month subscription, this month we was over  moon and we have just upped our subscription to three pops. Whoops! 

I did do a video of Lexie unboxing but I didn't have a chance to do or say anything before she dived in! 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Look In My Lettebox.

Lots of goodies though the post again this week. I have lots more to come next week :-) 


Milkshake hair products 


School uniform from Trutex

Valentine's gifts from Toxic Fox

Weekend box 


Kristoff pop vinyl, he has the full set now.


Alien figures 

Alice Megan

Friday, 23 January 2015

Win Tickets For The BBC Good Food Eat Well Show - Giveaway

The exciting new BBC Good Food Eat Well Show (sponsored by Lexus) will premier on 25 February 2015 at Olympia West in KensingtonThis new event, part of the BBC Good Food Show portfolio, is dedicated to showcasing healthy food brands, products and producers, and will demonstrate to visitors how they can achieve a balance between living a  healthy lifestyle and maintaining a passion for good food.

Celebrity chef demonstrations, live dietary consultationssuperfoods and more….

One of the highlights of the show is the Healthy Kitchen which will host an impressive line-up of celebrities, chefs and professionals demonstrating how easy it is to prepare healthy and good food. The schedule includes personalities such as DavinaMcCall, Lorraine PascaleHemsley + Hemsley, Marcus Bean and Jenni Falconer. 

Another feature, the Eat Well Forum is dedicated to key diet and lifestyle challenges, and will play host to a range of vibrant discussions and informative talks on the relationship between food, health and wellbeing. 

Visitors can also enjoy the Eat Well Interview Stage, where they can have their questions answered bydietary specialists such as Natasha Corrett, Renee Maguire, Dale Pinnock and Rachel De Thample.Visitors will also be given the opportunity to have their books signed at the WHSmith stand.

In addition to the interview stage, they’re delighted to be hosting 1-2-1 sessions with qualified dieticians throughout the show. The sessions offer a range of different advice and guidance, and will be held in aprivate room on the show floor.

The three day event will run until 1 March 2015, andshowcase 100 exhibitors selling their range of products, including superfoods and delicacies.

If you would like 20% Off your ticket price use the code MV11 on the checkout. 

You can also try your luck with the Rafflecopter form below. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Trendy Tot Thursday - (#TT_Thursday)

Trendy Tot Thursday is back, where you can showcase your trendy tots's outfits. Pick an outfit from in the week.

This week Lexie has on a light denim Animal skirt which was £5 from the Animal outlet.

Peppa Pug top from Sainsbury's. I love the detail on this including the cute 3D bow. This was part of her Christmas present from her nan, so I'm not sure on he price.

Pink Peppa Pig tights. I really like the two tone pinks on these and Peppa pigs face. These was from Debenhams - £6.00

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Need Of A Beauty Detox With A Little Help From Beauty At Tesco

I know everyone is in detox/healthy mode as its January. How about a beauty detox too. Beauty at Tesco have some lovely goodies to treat yourself, as your skin needs looking after too. 

I'm already a huge fan of the Pro Formula range the gel cleanser is pretty amazing, so I as super happy to receive some other items to try. What I like about the range is its cruelty free and it fits in to every budget. 

Pro Formula Purifying Thermal Face Mask RRP -  £1.00 

Face masks are my thing and it something I use twice a week, for some reason my skin has been awful this January and the only thing I can put it down to is my supplements. I think it's a case of it getting worse before it gets any better. Thermal masks are magical, I love the warm feeling you get when you put one one. I just wish it lasted a bit longer sometimes. I've had extremely sore huge spots which have been painful and taken days to come out. The mask itself is very thick mask. It deeply cleanses, helps to open pores and absorb excess oils. I left thE mask on for around 15 minutes, I noticed straight away my face felt gift and a bit dry. The next day the spots was out and not painful anymore. I've managed to get three uses out of the mask and the results have ben really good. Enriched with white willow bark and vitamin E. 

Pro Formula Clear Skin Exfoliating Face Scrub - RRP £1.50 

I've started to use the cleanser in the morning then he scrub on the night. The exfoliating scrub is very mild with a few small grains. I know I used a scrub over Christmas that was heavy on the grains and after it felt I had put a grater to my face. This one gently exfoliates away everyday dirt and impurities and lags your face soft and refreshed. For the price tag it's a pretty good buy to have tucked in your bathroom. 

Pro Formula Hot Cloth Cleanser RRP- £5.00 

They also have brought out a new cleanser, which I'm going have to source out and see how it compares. In combination with the muslin cloth to removing the last traces of everyday dirt and makeup, to leave the skin feeling cleansed and purified. Contains green tea and vitamin E complex. 

Road and melt away and turn your bathroom into your very own spa with the Calcot Manor spa range…

The Hot Tub Goodbye Tension Indulgent Bath Gel -  RRP £5.99 

Relieves tired muscles with skin softening bubbles infused with calming extracts of passion flower, petitgrain & orange oil. 

The Hot Tub Sleep Enhancing Luxury Bath Soak - RRP £1.99 

Infused with plum, ginger & bergamot, let the Indulgent Bath Gel soothe your body and gently cleanse your skin. 

Gentle Spa Relaxation Gift Set - RRP £8.00 

Light the beautifully scented candles, run a bath and relax with these soothing de-stressing bath salts.


The full Calcot Manor and Pro Formula ranges are available in store and online at now.