Monday, 22 December 2014

Pop In Box Subscription & Disney Box Opening.

I've totally hooked on these pop vinyls and I signed up to Pop in a box which you get a pop and delivery every month. You thumb down the pops don't ever want and thumb up the pops you do. Its surprise every month with a pop you will enjoy. 

This month I received the exclusive toasted stay puff which a huge 6" awesome pop from Ghostbusters .This was a Hot Topic exclusive in the USA. So I was really shocked when I opened him and saw his face. I just upped my subscription up to two pops so I can't wait for January. 

I also received the one off Disney box from there too. The box was pretty good for the price in all fairness, even though I wasn't too keen on the pop. 

In the box was a Sir Hiss pop from Robin Hood. 

Sally from the nightmare before Christmas pop.

Cadburys Snowman moose. 

Terry's chocolate orange mini bags.

Monsters university Don figure. 

Check out the website HERE prices start from £8.49 plus postage for one pop subscription you can have up to a six pop subscription per month. 

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