Wednesday, 3 December 2014

NickJr Craftmas Party

The NickJrCraftmas party was a huge success yesterday and hash tag was buzzing. The kids  had an eventful afternoon and enjoyed all the crafts. We had an huge amount of craft to get on with and everyone went home happy. Four three year olds doing crafts got a little messy but they took so lovely Christmas craft items home with them. Thanks you for everyone who joined us on Monday for the twitter party it was great fun.

The baking crafts went down a treat. Christmas pudding cornflake cakes and snowmen cupcakes. They both tasted delicious.

These Christmas baubles look very effective with the children's favourite NickJr friends inside, perfect for finishing off the tree.

 Pin the nose on Rudolph  was great fun and the kids loved this game, non got close to the actual nose though.

Christmas Card Making the Christmas trees was lots of fun and they was a simple but effective idea.

Paper Chain Making Activity - My son really enjoyed making these, the little ones wasn't to fussed in making them in all honestly.

Crackers with a hat, joke and sweets inside. Decorated with NickJr characters.

Snowman chocolate bar treats, a chocolate bar wrapped up an designed for the children to put in to there stockings. Would make a perfect gift for little ones or even teachers.

Star decoration which is an amazing effect, we are going to make a few more of these to hang from the ceiling. 

Check out the Goodie Bags.

Thanks NickJr for picking us as hosts.

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