Monday, 8 December 2014

Hotel Chocolat Stocking Fillers

Their Story...

The very first Hotel Chocolat shop opened its doors to guests in North London in 2004. It was the start of an amazing revolution in British chocolate. Since there Watford shop, another 75 stores have opened in the UK in the last 10 years.

Hotel Chocolat is the creation of British entrepreneurs Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris. And although things have changed over the last 10 years, everything they do is guided by three basic values, and always will be.

What they believe in

Originality: Being fresh, creative and innovative, and always one surprising step ahead.
Authenticity: Keeping it real. grow our own cocoa beans, create own chocolate recipes and even make chocolate fresh from the bean in the cafes.

Ethics: Reconnecting their love of chocolate with its roots. Cocoa farmers worldwide deserve respect and a fair deal.

Making their chocolates, our mantra has always been: More cocoa, less sugar, for a healthier and more satisfying cocoa hit. Our house grade milk chocolate is 50% cocoa, and even our white chocolate is 36% cocoa, well above the average.

We received some lovely stocking fillers for us to try and test at home. With prices starting from £1.95, there is something for everyone this Christmas.

The design is eye catching to start with, the cheeky penguin on a snowball scene. A caramel chocolate penguin playing around on a solid milk and white chocolate slab, this is solid thick piece of chocolate studded with chocolate-coated puffed rice snowflakes and white chocolate drizzles. A great fun stocking filler of any child or adult.

RRP - £7.50

A mini cotton stocking, printed with the Hotel Chocolat robin logo, featuring a hook for hanging over the fireplace on Christmas Eve. Filled with caramel chocolate Presents, milk chocolate Santa’s and white chocolate Bells. The texture of the chocolate just melts in your mouth and I lived how you got three different types in the stocking.

RRP- £10.00

I'm going to apologise now for the stock photo. I gave the kids one each to try then when I came back they was so delicious that they helped themselves to the other lot before I tad a chance to take a photo. Whoops!

A two layer pack of cheery reindeer, that are solid milk chocolate. Perfectly sized for little appetites and stocking fillers, or as an after-dinner treat for adults.

RRP- £5.50

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