Monday, 1 December 2014

Dolls House Sweetbee Furniture Set Review

Lexie got a new dolls house to review, but it didn't come with any furniture. So we was thrilled when Big Game Hunters sent one of there brand new Sweetbee Furniture Sets to review.  

When you think of Big Game Hunters I generally think of huge oversized games you play outside. Big Game Hunters all started when one man decided he needed something for his twins birthday party. He had a good think and had the sudden realisation that the tiny game of jenga they loved playing so much could be made into a giant-size game and could be played outside!

He set to work creating the giant version and in no time it was finished - just in time for the birthday party which was of some relief to his wife! This was really the very beginning of a company called Big Game Hunters.

They have now branched out in lots of other different ways, one of those is the beautiful sweetbee furniture sets. Lexie has been playing with mismatched items from various Play sets in the house, so when the parcel arrived I set it all up for her. So when she came back from nursery she would see it already set up. The pieces are already assembled. So there isn't any fiddling around.

 I picked the children's bedroom set and included is:

Bunk bed with two chequered fabric duvets, pillows and ladder
Wigwam play tent with wooden poles and fabric cover
Bedside table with opening drawers
Bedside lamp
Desk with stool
3 books
Blue rug

First of all the pastel colours are lovely and bright. There send a cheery playful message and are really inviting. The set is chunky solid wood, they seem very durable and perfect for Lexie to pick up and arrange somewhere else. 

Lexie has loved the exciting accessories for pretend play, bringing lots of fun to the dolls house while encouraging imagination and creativity.

In the range are the following other sets, Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Master bedroom, Dining room. At the moment the single sets are on sale from £19.99 to £9.99. Which is a fantastic 50% off. They also have a deal of three sets for £27.50 reduced from a whopping £59.99. I'm hoping the offer is still on next week so I can buy Lexie a few extra.

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