Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas Stocking Filler Gifts From Beauty Kitchen

With all the added stress of the kids breaking up soon from school with the added to and from Christmas fares, school trips, Christmas parties I've been rushed off my feet. I've finally written my cards, bought all my presents and they are 90% wrapped. 

I received a beautiful 100% Natural Soap & Bath Bomb Cracker to help me relax this week. So if you are looking for an easy and quick stocking filler this is the post for you! 

Beauty Kitchen always make 100% effective, natural and affordable products. Their recipes only contain 100% pure essential oils plus naturally derived ingredients and will never cost the earth.

Inside the cracker is a Love Me Bath Shimmer Bomb and Love Me Patchouli, Honey & Oatmeal Natural Soap.

The bath bomb has an up lighting and fresh blend of cinnamon leaf, orange sweet and frankincense. Packed full of anti-ageing ingredients that will help tone the skin. The bomb has a bit of glitter that dissolves in the bath. The scent is amazing and very Christmasy. 

The natural soap contains skin rejuvenating patchouli and intense moisturising honey and oatmeal. The soap is a good thickness and gives off a good lather. My daughter has been amazed by the soap. The scent is very gentle and light but lingers on your skin, leaving it feeling fresh. 

RRP £8.00

They also have these cool kits which are perfect for people that love to create and make themselves .

Chill Me 'Create Your Own' Bath Bombs 

Contents: 2x bath bomb moulds, citric acid, sodium bicarb, chill me essential oil, cranberry seeds & wild flower seeds.

Everyone loves bath bombs and making them is just as much fun as watching them fizz! This kit provides everything you need to make 300g of bath bombs with 100% natural ingredients. Perfect gift for any age or simply something fun to do.

RRP £20.00 

'Create Your Own' Lip Balms 

Contents: Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Wooden stirrer, 4 lip balm pots, 3 biodegradable gift bags, ribbon and 4 stickers.

Now you can make your very own lip balms and help yourself to kissably soft lips. With beeswax & cocoa butter.

RRP £15.00

All from and Holland and Barrett Stores

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