Sunday, 14 December 2014

Chocolat Chocolat Review.

We never refused a chocolate review so when Chocolat Chocolat asked us to review some chocolate of cause the answer was yes. We was able to choose & pick three bars from the huge selection on the website. 

Chocolat Chocolat can’t claim to have the same long history as the rest of the city of Cambridge but the shop and it’s range of luxury chocolates are steeped in the traditions of the independent chocolatier.

On most days you can look through the shop window and see one of their chocolatiers making their famous sheet chocolate right in front of your eyes. If you take a few steps inside and the smell of chocolate will immediately take you back to the traditional chocolate shops of years gone by, but brought up to date.

Chocolat Chocolat is famous for it’s handmade sheet chocolate, made with the finest Belgian chocolate in a unique French Style brought from France by their chocolatier Isabelle, not see anywhere else the wavy sheets of chocolate are sprinkled with ingredients form across the world, French Sea Salt, Turkish Hazelnuts, Freeze Dried Raspberries all select to give flavour combinations that combine the familiar with the unusual.

On the website you have the opportunity to design your very own chocolate bar. You select your favourite chocolate milk, white, dark, extra dark or caramel. Then you add what ever topping you would like. The bars are all handmade in a shop in Cambridge and the parcel comes with a little card that says who had made them which I think is a great added touch. 

1st bar                   

 Milk 34% with chopped hazelnuts, fudge pieces and mini marshmallows.

2nd bar            

 Caramel 34% with brownie pieces, mini mallows, and white choco crunch balls.

3rd bar                   

White 28% with freeze dried raspberry and popping candy.

The bars themselves are thick chocolate with the added toppings on. All the chocolate melted in your mouth and was delicious. I liked how you could pick and create your own bars, which makes them suited for everyone. Plus they would make great gifts and presents. Each come wrapped in there own sleeve with the toppings written on the back. 

RRP- £14.95 For Three Bars

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