Sunday, 7 December 2014

Birds Eye Steam Fresh

3.5 million Brits haven’t eaten a vegetable in the last week according to new research out today[, while one in four (25 per cent) find preparing and eating veg boring.

According to the findings, over half the nation (53 per cent) eat two or fewer portions of vegetables each day, with nearly one in ten Brits (seven per cent) eating fewer veg now than they did as a child. Men are the worst offenders consuming on average 2.4 portions of vegetables a day, compared to the 2.7 portions eaten by women.

One in seven (14 per cent) said that one reason they don’t eat enough vegetables is because they struggle to find exciting ways to cook them while a quarter (27 per cent) avoid vegetables because they don't know how to cook them properly. Almost a quarter (23 per cent) said they avoid buying vegetables because they have such a short shelf life and go rotten too quickly. Meanwhile, more than one in ten Brits (11 per cent) are put off eating vegetables because of childhood traumas and bad memories of school dinners.

I didn't realise the range of steam fresh birds eye now have out. I remember buying the packs when I was weaning my daughter as she has never been one for vegetables. Fresh vegetables at the moment are being wasted in the house they get half used before I remember to use them so this is where steam fresh come in handy.

I also need quick and easy lunches for my daughter, I pick her up from nursery at 11.45 and she is really hungry. So I'm trying to find quick, easy and hot lunches for her to have. Plus trying to get in her five a day. I personally cook 6/7 meals every week from strach then one a week we have a cheat freezer tea, but I do like to try and add some kind of vegetable in.

Steamfresh uses steam bag technology to lock in all the nutrients and flavour. The 17-strong range of tasty vegetable side dishes can be cooked in a matter of minutes, and offers time-poor Brits show-stopping veg cooked to perfection every time.


Natural Vegetables

·         Hearty Farmhouse Mix (Four Single Steam Bags)

·         Garden Mix (Four Single Steam Bags)

·         Family Favourite Mix (Four Single Steam Bags)

·         Super Sunshine Mix (Four Single Steam Bags)

Vegetables with Herbs & Spices

·         Green Medley with Garlic & Herbs (Pyramid Steam Bag & Multi-Serve Steam Bag)

·         Italian Vegetables with Basil & Rosemary (Pyramid Steam Bag & Multi-Serve Steam Bag)

·         Peas & Sweetcorn in Seasoned Butter (Pyramid Steam Bag)

Rice with Vegetables

·         Mediterranean Rice (Pyramid Steam Bag)

·         Golden Vegetable Rice (Pyramid Steam Bag)

·         Egg Fried Rice (Pyramid Steam Bag)

·         Cantonese Vegetable Rice (Pyramid Steam Bag)

·         Tender Green Vegetable Rice (Pyramid Steam Bag)

·         Mexican Rice (Pyramid Steam Bag)

Pasta with Vegetables

·         Mediterranean Vegetable Penne Pasta (Multi-Serve Steam Bag)

·         Creamy Cheese Penne Pasta with Broccoli & Peas (Multi-Serve Steam Bag)

I loved the quick and easy no mess bags you cook in the bags for 3/4 Minutes then clip the corner to get the dishes out. All the dishes tasted delicious and worked well with the sides and the portions are just right too. Meaning there is no more waste. They are easy and very handy to have in the freezer to add to your 5 a day in. A few minutes.

RRP-  £1.79 / £1.99

Birds Eye’s new Fish Chargrills are also a new exciting way to jazz up fish with these new flavour.

Chargrills can be baked or barbecued in the provided tray and come in a variety of other flavours, including Sun Blushed Tomato, Basil & Oregano, Juicy Lemon, Rosemary & Thyme, Thai Coconut, Lemongrass & Chilli and now Sweet Jalapeno, Red Pepper & Honey

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