Thursday, 27 November 2014

What Nail Polishes I've Been Wearing In November

This month I've been a little hooked on anything glam and sparkly. I've only been painting my nails once a week then trying to leave a few days with just applying nail oil as my nails are really chipping bad at the moment. I'm tempted to try that shellac polish for December to try and build my nails up and make them strong again.

Nails Inc - Kensington Church Street ( Snowflake) 

White effect pieces, that are great applied over a plain colour. Gives that effect of snow pieces on your fingertips.

Nails Inc - Royal Botanical Gardens 

Love this pastel mint green, with a glossy crème finish

Nails Inc - Noel Street

A limited edition metallic glittered silver and gold shade that’s ready to leave you sparkling as you head out onto the dance floor.

OPI - Bearest Of Them All 

 A special limited-edition nail lacquer which contains a happy mix of white hearts swirling in a blizzard of red and white glitter. 

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