Sunday, 9 November 2014

Limited Edition Method Products

Got to admit I love testing out new cleaning products, most the time its something you use daily so its always something that gets a great testing. I'm a fan of method products anyway I like how the bottles are made with recyclable plastic and you can recycle them again, very Eco friendly. Method products always smell very gentle and clean you don't get that tough chemical smell that lingers. The packaging is simple, bright and attractive.

I'm going to start with the honeycrisp apple range that actually reminds me of apple pie the  scent of apple is really refreshing. We got sent the honeycrisp apple gel hand wash and all purpose cleaner.

I use a purpose cleaner for everything in my home. Surfaces, tiles, door handles, toilet, bath, cooker the list goes on. The scent is very uplifting and is great for getting that built up grease leaving everywhere fresh and clean. Perfect for sticky fingerprints that my kids seems to leave a trail everywhere. Just a shame the spray isn't anti-bacterial, I always normally use one which kills 99.9% of bacteria.

828ml - RRP £3.00

The Honeycrisp apple hand wash is gentle on the hands and leaves them feeling fresh and soft. Great for little and big hands, to keep them clean. The scent lasts a while and you can still smell the apple for a while after. Great lather and the pump factor is always a must to stop germs spreading everywhere.

354ml -RRP £2.50

Also in the range is the pump dish soap. I love the season cleaning products and I hope they continue to release more limited edition products. Honeycrisp Apple range will be exclusive until April 2015.

We also received their new planet-friendly air fresheners are made with a non-toxic formula and designed with revolutionary pressurised air technology, free from dirty propellants and CFCs. Unlike traditional aerosol air fresheners, these natural born cleaners are packed in an airtight chamber powered by pure compressed air for a steady, even spray down to the very last drop. We received the beach sage scent, I loved the fresh and vibrant clean scent and it didn't smell full of chemicals. I don't tend to use air fresheners anymore because of the chemicals in them, I tend to use scented candles now. The method air freshener wasn't overpowering at all.

Other scents are Lavender, Sweet Tangerine and Wild poppy.

195g - RRP - £3.50

The aircare range will be exclusive to Tesco for 3 months.

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