Thursday, 6 November 2014

Fireman Sam's Ocean Rescue DVD Review

Lexie has always been quite a fan of he new and updated fireman Sam. As you all know he has branched out and doesn't just drive a fire engine anymore. There is a helicopter, quad bike and even a mini van so it all made sense that he also went the whole nine yards to keep everyone safe in the water too.

In the new Fireman Sam ocean rescue DVD Sam and his friends are back in an action in 6 packed episode DVD. With a series of water themed action packed adventures, in this 65 minutes DVD where the people in Pontypandy get in to trouble. Can Sam and his team help them all in time. Mike takes on the choppy waters alone as he attempts to set up some fireworks, but they accidentally all go off at once! Meanwhile, Norman and Mandy row out to sea in search of a rare turtle - but it’s not long before they are lost, and the waves keep getting bigger. Will Fireman Sam be able to find them before disaster strikes. Lexie has been glued to the DVD and she loves the new characters. Its also nice to Sam take a turn in to something different, being the usual hero but on water. 


All At Sea
Whale Watch
The Pontypandy Cup
Turtle Hunt
The Treasure Trap
Stage Fright

RRP -  £5.99


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