Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Bah Humbugs Online Sweet Shop

Bah Humbugs Online Sweet Shop has just re-launched there website so that’s it’s mobile friendly and much easier to use.

Bah Humbugs is an independent Sweet Shop based in North Yorkshire and they have just celebrated a 10th year in business. They stock over 400 different sweets (from Floral Gums to Flying Saucers, Popping Candy to Pontefract Cakes, Lemon Sherbets to Liquorice Torpedoes, Rhubarb & Custards to Rosey Apples etc), sweet hampers, sweet jars and sweet buckets. And all there Sweet Gifts make perfect gifts for Christmas – they immediately transport people on a nostalgic trip down memory lane and great for those tricky-to-buy folk.

I miss older traditional sweets, you rarely get to see things like cola cubes, black jacks rhubarb and custard or them little foil chocolate cups. I remember saving up my pocket money and coming out the shop with a little paper bag full of sweets. I look at the sweets my kids pick up now ( kinder eggs and bubblegum ) are the favourites at the moment and I just think what a waste of money. I used to enjoy every one of my sweets and even save some for later on.

Bah Humbugs sent us some treats to try out and let you all know what we thought. With prices starting from 10p there is always something for everyone's budget.

Retro Sweet Bucket

First we received was one of there Sweet Buckets the Retro Sweet Bucket which includes my favourites Parma Violets, Fizzers, Refreshers, Double Lollies, Drumsticks, Vimto Lollies, Black Jacks and Fizz Whizz. The tub is a 350g tub filled the brim with firm favourites. These lasted just enough time for the photos them they totally disappeared. Perfect for an extra treat or stocking filler.

RRP - £5.95

Yorkshire Mixture Cone

Yorkshire Mixture, a super classic Yorkshire boiled sweet mixture, crammed full of delicious hard boiled sweets like Pear Drops, Fishes, Fruit Rock & more. You can't get more traditional flavours packed into a bag and perfect for our lovely traditional sweet shop in Yorkshire. So I hid these from the kiddies so I could have a try first the 200g cone is packed with old traditional boiled sweets, cola cubes and rhubarb and custard was my favorites.

RRP - £2.20

I've fell in love with this cool Sweet Hampers which prices start from £11.99 and you can even buy sweet subscription for someone to have sweets delivered every month to there door.

 I have a special 15% OFF code all there products the offer code is BLOG15 and can be used against all products (but it does exclude P & P).  

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