Sunday, 30 November 2014

We Are NickJrCraftmas Party Hosts

Please join us on the 1st December 1-3pm on twitter for a special twitter party where you can win lots of goodies. Please follow the #NickJrCraftmas hashtag to join us.

We received a huge box of craft goodies for us to do. I have invited three of Lexie's nursery friends to come and take part in the party. 

In the box some of the crafts are : Pin the nose on Rudolph , Christmas Card Making , Snowman Cupcake Making, Snowman Decorating Game & a Paper Chain Making Activity. I don't want to dive in to every activity as I want you all to join me on Monday.

Included in the box was two bundles of prizes to give away one of these is going to be on my twitter account on Monday and the other on my blog!

We have fantastic goody bags with enough room to take all there lovely crafts home too. We can't wait for Monday!

Make sure you have your computer set up or your smart device charged and ready to start at 1.00pm – Remember to join in use the #NickJrCraftmas hashtag. 

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Look In My Letterbox

We are back once again and my email exploded last week with lots of lovely Christmas reviews. So my post has been crazy this week. I've had no time to enter competitions at all, it feels my weeks are going far to fast at the moment.


Sweets from Bah humbug

Christmas goodies from Toxic Fox

Doll house furniture set from big game hunters

Sneaker keychains

NickJr Craftmas box


Hotel Chocolat

The Jungle book


Shoes from Ali Express

Infinity crate subscription box


I managed to swap this fellow for the minion pop out of my Infinity crate as I'm not collecting those ones.

Alice Megan

Friday, 28 November 2014

Shop With Toxic Fox This Christmas

Toxic Fox have just had a huge online makeover and updated there website making it faster and easier to use. So for you at home to do your Christmas shopping in comfort without the added stress of going in and out numerous shops in the cold. The site is very easy to use and navigate, with lots of different sections for you to browse. Including there new look Christmas Gifts section 

On my most wanted list for like forever has been a Claireabella bag. Claireabella bags have been a massive hit with loads of celebs including most of ladies from TOWIE,  Katie Price & Kerry Katona just to name a few.

I got sent the ClaireaBella Large Jute Bag. What I love about these bags they can be personalized with your own hair colour, eyes, skin tone, clothes style & name too with a click of a button. I picked a casual style which has brown hair & brown eyes. 

Each bag features an elegant bow, a 'Hand Made with Love' silver charm, Swarovski Elements and plenty of glitter and sparkle. The quality is great and the jute is a large and thick durable bag.

I do love the unique original design of the Claireabella bag, It's a bag you instantly notice. To say I'm thrilled with my bag is an understatement it has literally gone everywhere with me since it arrived.

RRP- £39.99

I have wanted one of these pieces for ages, I think they look amazing up with some of your favourite keywords. Its one of those gifts that is pretty perfect for anyone young or old. They capture memories of words which you can look back on.

These again are personalised you have a choice of five styles : Heart, Special Moments, Cocktail Glass, Stiletto or Baby Girl/Boy. You can pick the colour of text, there is 8 colours to choose from and a list of 10 keywords.

I chose the heart style with a mix of family related words, as my family is what keeps me going . They are what I get up for each morning.  So its a nice reminder of how strong we are as a unit and what some of our family values are. I loved the extra adhesive gems, which give it that edge. These TOL are fun, loving and unique gifts.

RRP - £39.99

We also received some extra bits from the  Secret Santa collections.

Tired To Wired Heat Change Mug

I love this magic mug with heat changing image fill the cup with a hot drink and wait for the mug to wake up. Once the drink has gone it disappears again. Fantastic stocking filler!

RRP - £7.99

Beautiful Bath Bomb Christmas Cracker

Anyone who reads will know I love anything bath related so this was right up my street. Perfect for anyone who loves a good soak in the bath these cupcake shaped bathbombs look almost good enough to eat. A huge pink cracker filled with three gorgeous bath bombs. Fruity, berry flavours give you a relaxing soak after the craziness of Christmas

RRP - £7.99

Check out Toxic Fox's Youtube gift guides HERE 

Toxic Fox have also given you a 10% voucher code to use at the checkout now. Type in TFBlog for your 10% Off. 

Thursday, 27 November 2014

What Nail Polishes I've Been Wearing In November

This month I've been a little hooked on anything glam and sparkly. I've only been painting my nails once a week then trying to leave a few days with just applying nail oil as my nails are really chipping bad at the moment. I'm tempted to try that shellac polish for December to try and build my nails up and make them strong again.

Nails Inc - Kensington Church Street ( Snowflake) 

White effect pieces, that are great applied over a plain colour. Gives that effect of snow pieces on your fingertips.

Nails Inc - Royal Botanical Gardens 

Love this pastel mint green, with a glossy crème finish

Nails Inc - Noel Street

A limited edition metallic glittered silver and gold shade that’s ready to leave you sparkling as you head out onto the dance floor.

OPI - Bearest Of Them All 

 A special limited-edition nail lacquer which contains a happy mix of white hearts swirling in a blizzard of red and white glitter. 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A Quirky Other Half's Christmas List

I don't struggle to buy my other half's gifts at all, I do like to a few quirky gifts which I know he will enjoy. He is actually a big kid, so that makes it easier.

His main present is the Zelda WiiU, even though we have a WiiU already he needed the limited edition Zelda one, which has the Zelda markings around the game pad.

Next up are these cute little stocking fillers from Sneaker Chains UkSneaker chains is an online store which you can find all the latest key rings with the latest trendy sneakers on. From Nike air max to Jordan high tops, with the upcoming latest designs these key chains are perfect for the trainer obsessed . The website is full of bright and eye catching styles, with loads to choose from I'm sure there is a colour and style for everyone.

The key chains themselves are a rubber 2D/3D effect, the chains seem pretty durable and of good quality. My other half is a Jordan high top fan so he actually thought these was pretty cool. I also think they would go down well with teenage sons too.
Prices start from £3 and there is even a mystery bag you can buy filled with lots of goodies. On the website there are also some 4/4s phone cases which are £3, which I think is a great price for a solid phone case.

Aftershave is another staple I think you can never go wrong with either, its something that gets used daily. Plus its nice to rotate scents, so you can never have enough bottles. House of Fraser  have a huge selection of men's gifts for Christmas. They are working on a number of Men’s Gifts campaigns, to prove that there are options out there other than the traditional pair of socks! With prices starting from just £5, the is something for everyone budget this Christmas. Starting with this Calvin Klein Eternity Gift Set 
A classic, refreshing scent that is exhilarating and distinctly masculine. A cool, crisp edge and a warm woodsy trail. The singular expression of the vitality and confidence that characteristics today`s man.

The set comes with a 30ml bottle of eau de toilette spray and a 100ml hair and body wash. The bottle and aftershave are great sizes for travelling on the go, to add in to a bag.

RRP - £33.00

Jelly belly is a huge hit in this household and this would be a great addition. Jelly Belly bean machine stands 9" in height and will hold about 600g of beans when filled. It's solidly constructed with a robust crank mechanism encased in a heavy metal base. The globe is made of glass not plastic to really give it some class. Comes with a 100g bag included.

RRP - £43.88

 ‘In collaboration with  The House of Fraser and Sneaker chains uk, opinions and thoughts are all my own "  

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Bah Humbugs Online Sweet Shop

Bah Humbugs Online Sweet Shop has just re-launched there website so that’s it’s mobile friendly and much easier to use.

Bah Humbugs is an independent Sweet Shop based in North Yorkshire and they have just celebrated a 10th year in business. They stock over 400 different sweets (from Floral Gums to Flying Saucers, Popping Candy to Pontefract Cakes, Lemon Sherbets to Liquorice Torpedoes, Rhubarb & Custards to Rosey Apples etc), sweet hampers, sweet jars and sweet buckets. And all there Sweet Gifts make perfect gifts for Christmas – they immediately transport people on a nostalgic trip down memory lane and great for those tricky-to-buy folk.

I miss older traditional sweets, you rarely get to see things like cola cubes, black jacks rhubarb and custard or them little foil chocolate cups. I remember saving up my pocket money and coming out the shop with a little paper bag full of sweets. I look at the sweets my kids pick up now ( kinder eggs and bubblegum ) are the favourites at the moment and I just think what a waste of money. I used to enjoy every one of my sweets and even save some for later on.

Bah Humbugs sent us some treats to try out and let you all know what we thought. With prices starting from 10p there is always something for everyone's budget.

Retro Sweet Bucket

First we received was one of there Sweet Buckets the Retro Sweet Bucket which includes my favourites Parma Violets, Fizzers, Refreshers, Double Lollies, Drumsticks, Vimto Lollies, Black Jacks and Fizz Whizz. The tub is a 350g tub filled the brim with firm favourites. These lasted just enough time for the photos them they totally disappeared. Perfect for an extra treat or stocking filler.

RRP - £5.95

Yorkshire Mixture Cone

Yorkshire Mixture, a super classic Yorkshire boiled sweet mixture, crammed full of delicious hard boiled sweets like Pear Drops, Fishes, Fruit Rock & more. You can't get more traditional flavours packed into a bag and perfect for our lovely traditional sweet shop in Yorkshire. So I hid these from the kiddies so I could have a try first the 200g cone is packed with old traditional boiled sweets, cola cubes and rhubarb and custard was my favorites.

RRP - £2.20

I've fell in love with this cool Sweet Hampers which prices start from £11.99 and you can even buy sweet subscription for someone to have sweets delivered every month to there door.

 I have a special 15% OFF code all there products the offer code is BLOG15 and can be used against all products (but it does exclude P & P).  

Monday, 24 November 2014

Stone Bridge Christmas Giveaway.

I'm a huge fan of Stone Bridge Hair Accessories since I reviewed there fat capitaine large clamp. The clip is something I have used daily since July. It has saved me from my breaking elastics and the hassles of one breaking when I'm out. You can check my review out HERE

Stone Bridge make beautiful clips in all different styles to suit every hair type. Perfect for stocking fillers this Christmas. Check out my top three favourites for the party season.

Estiva Crystal Large Barrett - RRP £129.00
Perfect for holding thick or curly hair, the large size of our Estiva Crystal Barrette will hold loads of hair beautifully and securely. This is a truly show stopping barrette, perfect for an evening out or a black tie event. Choose the Estiva and be prepared for compliments on your hair. Handmade with brilliant, hand-set Swarovski crystals and using an excellent French steel clasp, this will be a barrette you will rely on for years.

Sterling Silver Hair Pin- RRP £95.00
By English jewellery designer Emma Ginnever, these charming sterling silver hair pins will dress your updo with beautiful elegance. Inspired by nature and childhood daydreams, Emma's work has an ethereal quality that you will love. Each pin is completely handmade from hallmarked sterling silver. The subtle detail and delicate texturing of each piece makes them effective in the hair whether you use two or three together, or just one. The decorations are threaded onto the pin - not fixed - which allows you to position the pin freely into your hair, giving you total control over how the design works in your updo.

Baroque Cuffed Elastic - RRP £30.00
Partnering the claw we have in this design, our Baroque cuffed elastic will give your ponytail a smart finish you'll love.The decorative cuff has been made in France from cellulose acetate, a high quality plastic derived from cotton and not petroleum. The cuff is then polished to a glossy shine. The elastic itself is made from a very good grade, soft elastic which will hold your ponytail and not go baggy after one wearing.

They have kindly offered me a Rectangle Large Claw for a giveaway for my readers.

"One of there best selling designs. Handmade and polished in France, this claw is easy to open and can grip a lot of hair for an all day hold. Interlocking rounded teeth provide a firm hold that will keep your hair comfortably off your neck. RRP - £49.00 "

All you have to do is fill out he Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Smiggle UK Store Opening In The Bullring Birmingham

On Thursday we was invited to the Smiggle store opening in the Bullring.

Smiggle, the world’s hottest stationery brand, was born in 2003. The ultimate creators of colourful, fun, fashion-forward stationery. The first Smiggle store opened in Melbourne, Australia and word spread fast about the bright pens, notebooks and gadgets that filled a tiny, but very special place. The concept took off and the company soon hit 20 stores, where it caught the eye of the Just Group - Australasia's most exciting fashion & apparel retailer. Smiggle joined the Just Group in August 2007 and has not looked back since! In 2008 Smiggle jumped the seas and opened its first international store in New Zealand. In 2011 Smiggle expanded into Singapore, and in 2014 Smiggle opened its doors in the UK! It's all part of the grand plan to be the world's most exciting and famous stationery brand.

The store itself it like stepping back to my childhood, scented pencils and erasers. I remember collecting scented pencils and quirky erasers when I was at school. 

In store are lots of bright and eye catching stationery which is perfect for getting children interested in making there mark.  On display are testers of everything where you can have a play, poke or even draw to test the item out. Its totally full to he brim with fun and quirky items.

 The packing is brilliant and we loved the little characters. Staff are extremely friendly and there to help you with any questions you might have.

Advent calendar

It'll be the best countdown to Christmas ever with the 2014 Smiggle Advent Calendar! With limited edition smiggle goodies find a new surprise every day. Filled with 25 non edible stationary treats. We really can't to open this on the 1st December.

RRP - £20

Chocolate Scented Pencils

With 4 different scents to choose from there pencils are updated to create a stronger and longer lasting scent,  strawberry (pink), cookie (blue), purple (grape and chocolate (green). The pencils do really have strong scent of chocolate, and with four in pack perfect for keeping children entertained with there homework.


Konnichiwa Cat Wallet

Say Konnichiwa to this fun wallet with Konnichiwa graphic. Made of 600d material with silicone character badge. Tri fold velcro wallet with outer zip coin compartment and large inner zip compartment. Comes with 5 card slots and ID card slot. With six different colours and designs, perfect for young ones to keep there pocket money safe.

RRP - £7.00

24 Pack Mini Gel Pens

I loved his little set, its perfect to pop in a bag to take on the go. It includes a mix of gel, glitter, neon and pastel mini mixed Smiggle pens,all tucked nicely away in a carry case. Again they are scented so it give that edge.

RRP- £11.50

Bubble Hardtop Hearts Pencil Case

Medium hard top pencil case with embossed hearts design! Lined with felt and containing space for pens and pencils and 2 mesh pockets. Comes in three different colours and is great for transporting all the essentials, keeping them safe and secure when on the go.

RRP - £10.00

What I loved about Smiggle is the use of so many senses, the smell, touch and look of just simple everyday items, but bringing that excitement and exploring back in to creative play too. I already have my eye on some stocking fillers. Thanks to Smiggle for the invite to the new store we had a blast.