Thursday, 30 October 2014

Super Scary Movies For Halloween

I've not been shy about my love of a good horror film. It bugs me that there is never a decent horror film on TV for Halloween. I'm not a huge fan of the Zombie films as I think there is nothing much more they can dig out and make new with them. I've just finished watching The Walking Dead and I've not been that impressed with it to be honest. I'm more of a slasher, blood and gore type of horror fan. So I've done my top list of what I will be watching again from tomorrow. In the sense of horror films they really don't scare me at all anymore. The only film I have never liked is Stephen Kings IT, that clown creeps me out and I'm quite a fan of clowns, Twisty from American Horror Story is pretty awesome.

Hellraiser - " We have such sights to show you" 
Pinhead really makes this film, with the creepy box that is the gateway to hell which let's them out to go on a rampage as there greatest pleasure is the greatest pain.

Saw - " Want to play a game" 
The first saw is fantastic it really was a breath of fresh air for the horror genre. You can almost relate to how Jigsaws mind works, as we do take our lives for granted.

House Of 1000 Corpses - " Goddam Motherf@@@@r got blood all over my best clown suit"
Ok this is a bit of a strange and weird film but its one you have to watch at least once. Two couples bump into a bunch of strange murderous people and they try and survive in the house if 1000 corpses and its dark secrets.

Fright Night ( Original) - " I am Peter Vincent vampire killer" 
I really hated the remake it was awful the first was so much better. Two strange men move next door  & there behaviour doesn't  go unnoticed as soon they realise that his next door neighbour is a vampire.

The Lost Boys - " Great the bloodsucking Brady bunch"
 This was the first vampire film I ever watched and its still one of my firm favourites. After moving in to a new town, two brothers are convinced that the area is full of vampires.

Halloween - " You have got to believe me officer he is coming to Haddonfield" 
This one had to be added as it is a Halloween post. Mr Myers is a classic horror symbol isn't he.

Nightmare On Elm Street - " One, Two Freddy's coming for you"
Freddy the spring wood slasher who was burned alive by the parents of the children he killed. Comes back when you fall asleep in your nightmares.

The Ring -  " Everyone will suffer"
Ok so this was pretty creepy, I actually didn't turn my tv back on for a day after watching this. A cursed video does its rounds, after you watch it you receive a phone call and you will die in seven days.

House Of Wax (Remake) - " It is wax, like Literally" 
This is a bit is a cheese low budget film but I liked the uniqueness of a wax museum with real human exhibits.

Candyman - "  They will say that I have shed innocent blood. What's blood if its not for shedding? " 
 I was an evil sister that used to scare my little sis,  by saying Candyman in the mirror.  I think I scared her for life. Candyman who is a myth if you say his name 5 times he will appear.

Hostel - Ok I couldn't remember a quote for this one, well one that stuck out for me anyway. This is pretty the best film that has blood and guts in it, a couple of parts have made me wince so I know its pretty bad. A few backpackers arrive it Amsterdam and stumble across a weird hostel where together are taken to be bided off to clients to perform there gruesome fantasies

So what is your favourite scary movie?


  1. My favourite scary movie would be The Shining. I love how it's the creator's first and only foray into horror, and the symbolism it has. Unfortunately Stephen King movies follow an interesting rule — if he's in it, then it's not very good.

    1. His books was so much better. I've never been a huge fan of The Shining, I really just don't get it. Everyone does say its a classic though.

  2. I hate the current horror films they're soooo bad like I haven't been genuinely scared watching a film for far too long. I definitely love the Saw films they're up their with my favourites


    1. So true, they all look great on the adverts then when you watch them its like * thumbs down" lol