Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sofia The First Micro Party & Giveaway.

Hi everyone we had an amazing time hosting the Sofia Party. I'm going to apologise now for the lack of photos. The night before I went to bed and got up feeling so ill on the day. I'm so glad I had prepared most of the stuff the night before. I took charge of the twittering and the mother in law thought I was taking photos as I was on my phone, but I wasn't. Raiden did actually take some photos on this so as soon as I develop them I will update the post (fingers crossed he is a budding photographer ) 

I had a little girl who had come down with chickenpox a few days before which happened last time I hosted a twitter party. I think I'm jinxed.

Check out our review here of the micro Play sets

We made some lovely sofia cakes the night before, I hid all the purple eggs for the egg hunt game the night before and there was a huge pass the parcel game. 

Which my son ended up winning and actually swapped for the big bag of sweets instead in there haha. The kids designed dresses for the dolls with Play-dough and has lots of colouring sheets to design a tiara and colour in.

The boxes we had was amazing for the party they was really filled up to the brim and the goody bags to take home well a few of the moms was actually speechless with the amount they took home.

I have two extra goody bags to give away to my readers which includes the new Sofia The First: Ready to be a Princess [DVD] which will be available from the 11th November.

Follow the rafflecopter below to win one of the bundles.

Included is :

Ready to be a Princess [DVD]
Sofia poster
Mini micro set
Sweet necklace

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