Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Price & Kensington Brights Tea For One Set Review

Every night I settle myself down at 7 o clock with a cuppa to watch Hollyoaks. The kids are winding down watching Simpsons in bed and its my half an hour to wind down too. Buy Catering sent me a lovely Price & Kensington tea for one set to review and I thought it would be perfect for my winding down at 7pm.

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The tea set comes in purple, orange, pink & yellow and is very durable thick stonewear. The stackable teacup and teapot makes it easy to carry and when stacked presents an elongated teapot with two handle rings. The teapot actually holds just over a cup of tea so its great for a refill. Perfect for a job in an office or even like me to chill out at home.


Height - 160mm
Width - 110mm
Length - 174mm
Capacity- approx 500ml Tea pot and 250ml cup

RRP- £4.95