Saturday, 18 October 2014

My Geek Box - Nightmare - Horror Box October 2014

I don't generally subscribe to any sort of subscription box. I watch a lot of video unboxing on YouTube and the idea of a surprise box is very exciting, but I'm not really a geek in any sort of way at all. I don't play video games, I can't stand anything that has Star Wars/Doctor Who/Star Trek or Sci Fi on that matter.

This months geek box really caught my eye, I am a huge classic horror/gore buff and I was so pleased I used my gut and bought this box. I have saw so many boxes with walking dead items in lately I was worried this one make be full with them too.

The first item was the Jason Voorees Horror pop vinyl - I was so happy one of these was included, as I've been looking at the collection for some time and I think I'm going to carry on collecting these as it has all my old classics favourites in.

Chucky T-shirt - How cool is this, love Chucky and this is just a pretty cool top isn't it. The quality seems pretty good and i think it has maybe a Sesame Street theme too, i could be wrong?

Horror Classics poster -Just ordered a frame online for this as it going to be going on the wall. Freddy, Frankenstein, Dracula & Michael Myers in a pop art style poster. The poster is really thick and a decent quality.

Also included was the Nightmare before Christmas magnet, ZombieZity figure, monster mates popping candy & a zomblings figure which my son had just started to collect these last week, so he has three now.

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