Saturday, 4 October 2014

Look In My Letterbox

Hello everyone, this week has been manic. I've had a bit of a sort out with my nail polishes as I've had quite a few sets with colours I already have and just sorting out some of the effects polishes I wasn't keen on. With the money I have use it to buy quite a few stocking fillers for Christmas so this week will be mainly about my buys.


Disney plush dolls - I've been trying to get Elsa for four months for Lexie for Christmas. I managed to pick them up in the week when Disney restocked and I'm so happy I can finally #LetItGo haha!

Frozen eggs - I really overpaid on these from amazon but they are a treat and something different for Lexie's stocking. £5.99 for three.

Beautiful frozen nightie for Lexie's Christmas Eve box £3.00 from ebay.

Olaf teddy how cute is he? £3.00 from ebay again a great stocking filler.

Frozen tops from H&M ( do we see a theme here) pack off two for £9.99 which i thought wasn't bad.

Bundle of face masks for £3.14 off a local selling site these are my favourites so I was really pleased with them.

My little pony TY beanies £5.10 each off ebay.


Heat holders snug over. This is so cosy! 

No Wins or Freebies this week.

Alice Megan


  1. I'm guessing you have a Frozen fan in your house.....hehehe

  2. I'm sensing a theme, guess you'll be having a frozen christmas this year

    1. I know madness isn't it. Let's hope she doesn't change her mind before then lol