Sunday, 26 October 2014

Limited Edition Range From Tesco

At the moment all my candles are summer candles, I think its nice to keep in with the season with them, now with the later nights too. Some of the flowery candles have really set my hay-fever off this year, so I think I'm going to try and ditch the floral ones next year.

Tesco have brought out some lovely limited edition Christmasy scents Winter spice and Fruity frosted berries in a array of different products, fabric conditioner, washing up liquid, bleach, candles & diffusers. I'm a huge fan of candles and I do burn them every night, so I was very excited to try the new fruity frosted berries candle.

The frosted berries candle has up to 30 hours burn time and comes in a simple and elegant dome shaped glass pot. The packing and pretty simple with just a paper case. The scent is really nice it has a mixture of fruity and spicy notes with one wick to light. The wax has stayed white and isn't discolored so far. The scent does linger and its a real pleasant smell for the candle.

RRP- £2.50

I also received a reed diffuser in the fruity frosted berries scent, I don't normally buy reed diffusers. I know the last one I had gave me such a headache it was so strong I've been a bit put off with them.  The diffuser scent is just like the candle and comes in a simple glass bottle with see though liquid. The scent isn't overly strong its only when you get closer you can smell it. I think its definitely a very light scent and I've been swapping the ends of the reeds. The little pot lasts up yo six weeks perfect for the festive season ahead.

RRP- £4 


  1. I love my candles and would definitely pick one of these up, £2.50 is a great price.

    1. Simple design, but lovely scent I may pick up the winter spice to try :-)

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