Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Halloween with Twinkl

We have been testing out the fantastic Twinkl site for a few months now. Twinkl is an amazing site full of lesson plans, interactive activities, resource packs, PowerPoints, worksheets, games and teaching ideas perfect for teachers or parents at home. The website is overloaded with anything and everything to help children learn. The amount of resources is quite overwhelming and there is so much to do. The website is mainly printouts so you just search what you want and hit print then you're chosen items are ready. I've found it best to think of something then use the search bar to find them.

We made these cool 3D Lego men which turned out pretty good and the kids really enjoyed making them.

I'm going to be using the site in full effect next week, both the kids have had targets set from their parents evening. So my goals will be based on that.

Raiden needs to tidy up the handwriting so he can start to join it up. Also make it more presentable now he has moved up to juniors.

Lexie's Targets was put more pen to paper, drawing lines and shapes. Lexie is very hands on and active but she hates to draw and paint pictures. So this is something we will be trying to work on.

I wanted to focus on Halloween this week and do a few activities based on that.

Draw a pumpkin face was really good as you can see they both turned out pretty well and I was so pleased with Lexie's. It has a nose, eyes and mouth.

Dot to dot - Raiden enjoyed this he actually did the one backwards, great for counting and hand and eye-coordination.

Halloween cones - We printed these in black and white so the kids would colour them. They look fantastic on the mantelpiece.

Check back for more posts on Twinkl soon.


  1. That sounds like such a great site....Looks like you've been having a lot of fun with it x

    1. It really is very useful, they do have some freebies on too, check it out xx