Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Halloween Goodies From Asda

We love Halloween in this household, we put decorations up and really do a lot of baking and crafts in flavor of Halloween. So we was delighted to be sent a bag full of spooky treats from Asda. Whether you’re having a fancy dress party or taking the kids trick or treating, throw a night to remember with Asda’s new fright-tastic range. With a selection of over 250 lines - including freaky fancy dress, macabre make up, deadly decorations, ghoulish grub and terrifying treats, make Asda your one stop shop for everything you need to have a ‘spooktacular’ evening this Halloween.

First out the bag was a ferocious ganged lips lolly which is a gingerbread base with fondant icing perfect for little ones or of you don't want the kids to have too many sweets perfect alternative.

RRP - £1  

We also received a pretty cool pumpkin lolly, that you suck, eat, then snap the stick to reveal a mini glow stick which I thought was a great idea for treat or treaters on the nights.

RRP -£1

Beastly bat with spooky sweets, which contains three packs of jellies. All Halloween shaped from fangs, bags, brains, pumpkins and even black cats. The sweets themselves are quite large inside and each pack contains around 7 sweets.

Fiendish face of fear kit, I'm so glad we received this as Raiden wanted to be a zombie this year.  Included is white cream make up, two sponges,  four make up sticks, one lipstick, one nail polish and a palette of Halloween colours. Inside is a book that shows you different ideas you can create and how to do them step by step. Which is great for me as I've never been too good at face painting before.

RRP - £4

Blood red eyelashes are up next and these are pretty cool, bright red with little droplets of blood hanging on them. The lashes already have a strip of glue on them but it comes with a little tube of glue on them too. We are hosting a Halloween party so I can't wait to put these in action then.

RRP - £3

Saved the best till last a witches hat cake pop kit which is pretty awesome. Included has everything to make 6 cake pop witches hats.

Included is
Crumbed sponge
Chocolate flavour coating
Mini cones
White chocolate stars
Lollypop sticks
Pop out cake pop stand

All you have to add is 25g of soft butter, mix in the crumble mix to form a firm dough, roll in to a snake long shape them divide between the cones. Pop mixture inside and form a rim around the cones for the brim of the witches hat. Pop lollypop stick all the way in to the comes and leave in fridge to go hard. (1-2 hours).

Melt the coating over a hot pan of water once melted, one by one coat the cones with the chocolate, decorate with white stars then leave to dry on the cake pop stand.

RRP - £1.50 

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