Friday, 12 September 2014

We Are A Sofia The First Twitter Party Host #sofiasmicroworld

We have been kindly picked to host a Sofia party on the 18th September from 4pm- 6pm. Please join me to win on the spot prizes with the hash tag #sofiasmicroworld. We received two boxes full the the brim of Sofia goodies this week. It was a tad overwhelming to open. Lexie had just recently got in to Sofia after watching the episodes with the Disney Princesses what better to have our own Sofia party too with her friends.

In the box was the following

• Sofia the First invites
• A Sheet of stickers – ‘I’ve been to a Micro Twitter Party’
• Party plates, cups, and balloons
• Food Recipes, cakes and cutters.
• Activity Sheets, colouring sheets, crayons.
• Take home gifts, Micro play set, sweets, DVD, Sofia the First posters
• Party Games and prizes. Including an egg hunting game and pass the parcel.

I'm excited myself getting though the box and getting it all in to order. I can't wait for the party games its going to be amazing! 

Lexie will also be reviewing two of the micro world Play sets this week too.

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