Friday, 26 September 2014

That Grubby Toy That Goes Everywhere.

Its safe to say I thought I had sneaked past the whole comfort thing, both of my children never had a dummy, a blanket or a toy they dragged around with them. I admit both of them most likely had their bottle longer than they should, but after a few restless nights everything was fine and they really didn't miss it at all. 

A few weeks before the summer holidays we went on a trip with stay and play. Lexie was bought this Rainbow dash which cost me around £8. After a few days rainbow dash was banned to the stuffed toy basket and never seen again until she was found in the six weeks holiday. Since then, rainbow dash has breakfast with her, sits and watches Lexie while she in the bath, goes to nursery with her, sleeps with Lexie. well ok to be brutally honest rainbow dash is always safely tucked under her arm everywhere.

So you can imagine that rainbow dash gets a rather grubby, I thought I was clever one night peeling Rainbow dash from under her arm to wash her then leave her to dry for the next morning. Till Lexie woke up in the middle of the night crying her eyes out for rainbow dash to find her soaking wet. So I'm terrified to do it again! Why do kids feel the urge to have something that is company to them or grab the first thing when you say come on time to go. The amount of times they have taken random things to nursery or school pegs, Pringles lids or multi coloured spoons.

I'm really hoping this is just a Rainbow Dash phase. 

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