Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Poppy Cat The Bubble Volcano App Review

Lexie was delighted to be able to test the new Poppy Cat app. I have recently decided to limit her time on the Ipad and to introduce more learning games.Now she's at nursery three hours a day, I'm trying to make the most of her learning at home with me too.

The app starts off as a book which introduces you to Poppy cat and all her friends. Allthough the game is to collect special badges when you complete the tasks. There are eight levels to complete and they are fun packed, with bright bold features,  sounds and music to keep little ones engaged through the games.

The first game you have to move the submarine up and down to dodge the objects and release the trapped animals from the bubbles. Its a great game for hand and eye coordination and learning the up and down swiping motion.

The next game is a series of short puzzles which you put in place and attach together. Once the piece gets close to the right place it attaches itself. Lexie has really enjoyed doing these simple puzzles.

The next game is a game of hide and seek and you have to find Poppy Cats friends to complete the maze. Which again is great for direction and problem solving.

Next game was a little bit harder as its a sequence puzzle. The different colour seahorses come out of the volcano and you pop the bubbles which are the right colours. The seahorses get more and more as you get on into the game and other creatures come out and if you pop them you don't get the special badge at the end.

The next game is all about direction where you have to get the seahorses out the cave without bumping in to anything and waking the giant squid up.

The next game is all about notes and musical and you touch the glowing seahorse to make the sound, if you touch them all in time a lovely tune is played.

The last game is matching up Poppy Cat and her friends special items that they have lost in the garden.

Lexie has really enjoyed her time on the app and really has worked hard in all the levels.

The app is available on ITunes and is priced at £1.99

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