Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Pokemon X and Y Battle Ready Pikachu & Trainer's Kalos Region Pokedex Review

The past few weeks we have been very lucky, we received a huge bundle of Pokemon toys from a competition win which was totally out the blue as they just turned up. Raiden loves Pokemon, and we watch it every morning before school. So we was super delighted to receive another two Pokemon items from the Tomy range.

I think the yellow cuddly Pikachu is everyone favourite Pokemon isn't he that cute little face, he is pretty adorable isn't he. We received the Pokemon X and Y Battle Ready Pikachu, he is quite one of the larger toys, not like the little figures you get. 

He comes with a backpack adjustable harness that you can attach Pikachu on the shoulder. 

On the back is a little tub where you can store the yellow foam discs ( it comes with 8 discs) so you can take them where ever you go.

Pikachu fires foam discs from either your shoulder pad or on the floor. You press the button on his paw and pull down his ear gently to start shooting.  To add the discs you just flip up the little catch on the back and pop them in. Don't overfill it otherwise them seem to push out of place, we found out Pikachu needs to be laid flat to fire the discs otherwise it doesn't work very well.

 Both the children have loved shooting each over and me with the discs. He makes cute little sounds when he is about to fire and when he fires.

RRP- £29.99

Next item we received was the  Pokemon X & Y Trainer's Kalos Region Pokedex. I will be totally honest and was quite baffled when we got this out until my son told me that in the cartoon Ash uses this to scan to tell what Pokemon he comes across and the information of what the Pokemon powers are. 

 The pokedex lights up and spins around and says 13 different sayings with a push of the button. The Pokedex opens and shuts so its easier to pop in to a bag or pocket just like Ash.  

Raiden did enjoy scanning the Pokemon he has and all the figures he had in his bedroom. Its great for role play and I think a great tool for the younger Pokemon fans.

RRP - £24.99

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