Sunday, 7 September 2014

NibNibs Savory Snack MiniTubs Review

I'm a bit of a snacker, I'm not a fussy snacker savory or sweet either it doesn't bother me. I'm a typical snacker on the night watching TV, a snack must go with it. I am always trying to watch what I eat, but I think snacks if balanced right can be a good source of keeping you going thought out the day.

NibNibs produce all there snacks at at bakery in North Yorkshire. they are passionate about nibbling and love creating moreish quality snacks that are full of the very best of everything. They personally source ingredients and always ensure they are the finest quality.

NibNibs sent us the following snacks to review.

Cheddar Cheese Straws
Cheddar & Spicy Chilli Straws
Cheddar & Cheeky Onion Straws
Roasted Salt & Pepper Jumbo Peanuts

As we are family of four the tubs literary went as soon as they came with the postman. I had to do a quick STOP I need a photo and I managed to get at least one of each tub to try. The mini tubs are great if you wanted to just have a few at a time or pop them in a bag for on the go. All you do do is pop the lid back on and they will stay nice and fresh inside. The packing is pretty eye catching bold and bright and its something I would notice if out shopping.

Both my kids really enjoyed the snacks, they was very moorish. The flavours wasn't too strong, nice and mild which just gave a hint of the cheddar, onion or chilli in them. The peanuts was really nice giving off the salt and pepper when eating them the only thing I noticed was the peanuts became a bit wet in the tub when we took them out the sealed packet. I'm not sure why that was.

I will be totally honest and generally things like cheese straws and peanuts I tend to buy around Christmas time, they always seem a festive snack don't they. I think NibNibs have changed my mind about them now.

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