Tuesday, 23 September 2014

My Top Three Nail Polish For September.

I haven't done a nail post for ages, to be totally honest its so hard to catch a decent photo of some of the polishes that sometimes I really hate the pictures I've taken when I look back on them.

I've really loved these three polishes the past few months that I thought I would share with you. Plus I have a lovely giveaway for you to win some polish of your own soon. How cool is that!

Since Nails Inc have changed there bottle i have totally gone off them and decided to try some other brands.

My latest polish is some very cool vegan polish if you saw my last post in slowly switching to a cruelty free lifestyle. I actually followed a vegan friend over to FairyPants page and was one of the lucky testers in testing out a new vegan polish read it HERE. I picked up two nail polishes from their range which are a mere £3.99 which is a good value for money don't you think. This polish " Rose " is a pearly pink with black specks which is a really unique and quite cool effect.

This pretty shimmer metallic pink from BarryM, I've totally fell in love with this polish its so pretty when its on. I've become a fan of BarryM the past few months.

Next is this pretty gold polish with silver small glitter and gold circles from Vanity Undone "stood on the gold" I won these on a blog competition and I won four and they need a few coats but I love the different aspects of the glitters so pretty!

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