Monday, 15 September 2014

Back To School - Tips On How To Prevent Head-lice

One of my worries as a parent with children at school is Head-lice. You know 1 in 3 UK school children aged between 4 – 11 will get head lice this year.  Two years ago I had the most awful itchy head, I checked for days over and over and found nothing in my hair the 3rd day I brushed over a white piece of paper and there it was. I was utterly mortified, I remember phoning my dad up to see if he could take me to a late night chemist to find some treatment. I remembered  Raiden having all his hair shaved off the week before so I did wonder if he had them and I didn't notice. Even though I think at school age its impossible for them not to catch them there are some ways you can try and prevent it. 

I've put together some top tips to try and keep head lice at bay.

~ Keep hair short or tied up. This stops a lot of hair touching at school.

~ Check regular, I check every week when they are having a cuddle on the sofa. Paying attention to behind the ears and nape of the neck.

A prevent shampoo like this one from Vamousse  Protect the whole family with this shampoo. Prevent head lice infestation and zapp lice before they have chance to lay eggs. Use like a regular shampoo, massage into hair, wait a few minutes then rinse. It smells really nice & leaves hair feeling very soft.

You can also pop a few drops of tea tree oil in to your shampoo at home too or even a water spray to use in the mornings. Apparently head lice do not like this very much.

Keep brushes, hats, scarfs & towels to each child so they can't contaminate each other.

If you are caught out Vamousse has a one-step mousse treatment, no need to reapply, no drips or greasy mess. The treatment comes with a steel lice comb, the mousse application is non toxic, pesticide free and very easy to use. Proven to kill 100% of lice and eggs in just 15 minutes.

Vamousse have even launched a free mobile gaming app, High Noon for Head Lice to keep the kids occupied while parents treat the lice. Available now in the App Store and Google Play. My kids love the game, it’s a super bit of fun.

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